Naiveté and cunning

In the short time that Labour has been in power we have seen the naiveté and their lack of concern for victims of violent crime and their cunning.

If they think that on one hand banning foreigners from buying houses and on the other hand allowing them to build will lower house prices, they are showing their naivety. Are the idiots not aware of what went on in Christchurch due to the shortage of tradespeople and materials? That same shortage will worsen, with more housing construction investors due to a worsening shortage of materials and workers and so force price rises to continue.

If they had been honest and announced the plans to abolish the three strikes and you are out legislation I am sure they would not have got so many seats. It was a cunning move to announce such a crazy act after the change of government, showing a total lack of concern for victims and their families of violent crime. When the changes are made how many people will we see raped or murdered by the despicable people who would normally get stiffer sentences under the old rules?

A Bourne, Bethlehem.


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