Todd ‘ready to get stuck in’

Todd Muller is keen to play his role as an Opposition MP and hold the new government to account. Photo: Nikki South. Video: Todd Muller MP/Facebook.

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Bay of Plenty MP Todd Muller says he's ‘ready to get stuck in' and hold the new Labour government to account.

Last week he made the first of what are expected to be regular Facebook video blogs, updating constituents on what's happening in New Zealand's 52nd parliament.

Among the changes for the second-term MP is moving out of Bowen House and into new premises within the parliamentary buildings, where the Opposition is located.

He also has new portfolios to familiarise himself with, having been appointed National Party spokesperson for Climate Change and Crown/Maori Relations

“Both very big portfolios, and a heap to learn,” says Todd, who is currently in Bonn, Germany at moment.

He's attending an international climate change conference, along with Climate Change Minister James Shaw and other New Zealand MPs.

“It's very much a cross-party issue," says Todd.


Told you so

Posted on 19-11-2017 19:45 | By goldenjade

Muller you are all smoke and mirrows

Bullying I hope not.

Posted on 14-11-2017 22:31 | By roseh

Like your mate Simon hope you are not going to get into the scare tactic thing.National was nasty in the election campaign and perhaps that is some of the reason you are all not in charge.Only do whats good for all New Zealanders

Go Todd

Posted on 14-11-2017 21:28 | By phoenix

All the best in exposing the Smoke and Mirrors promises of this cobbled to-gether government,already coming apart at the seams.

Hey Todd

Posted on 14-11-2017 12:58 | By penguin

There's more to politics than a series of photos in the paper! Don't forget to give your National mate the same message. We will be watching for any signs of bullying tactics...

fighting talk

Posted on 14-11-2017 12:53 | By jaydeegee

So long as Todd remembers not to indulge in silly political game-playing at taxpayers expense and to remember his stance against bullying at all times.

About time you did something.........

Posted on 14-11-2017 11:54 | By Smilarkie

insted of trying to hold the new government to account, why don't you actually get on with your job and help make NZ better than it is.Its a bit hypercritical of you to try to hold others to account when you stood on my doorstep in the previous election and promised to fix the novapay issue. From the day of that promise it was over 13 months before novapay was fixed. Stop acting like kids, and work for NZ like you are employed to do.

I hope

Posted on 14-11-2017 11:50 | By Abobsworth

I hope their tactics on holding the opposition to account are better than how they operated in the election campaign where they lost a lot of their integrity with unsubstantiated facts.

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