Whakatane road to be researched

Iwi and council will jointly research the history of the road between Taiwhakaea Marae and Te Paroa Beach. Photo: GoogleMaps

Ngai Taiwhakaea and the Whakatane District Council have agreed to jointly research the history of the road between Taiwhakaea Marae and Te Paroa Beach, which the Council believes to be a public road.

Hapu members of Ngai Taiwhakaea asserted their Mana Whenua and closed the road on September 28, claiming ownership and seeking acknowledgement from the Whakatane District Council, as tangata whenua from Taumata Kahawai to Tarawera River.

Once the research outcomes are available, both parties have committed to further discussions on the road. 

In the meantime, the gates which were preventing vehicle access will be opened from 6am to 7pm each day, as a sign of good faith. 

Road users are asked to drive considerately along the unsealed road, as it has a long history of creating a dust nuisance for residents, as a result of the road conditions and motorists travelling at speeds of 80km/h or more.

Fly-tipping, excessive speed and dust have all presented problems in the past, and both Ngai Taiwhakaea and the Council wish to make it clear that those activities are unacceptable in an area of great historic, spiritual and ecological importance.


If this is Golf Link Road...

Posted on 22-11-2017 10:32 | By SonnyJim

then it was Gazetted as a road in 1924 (p.621) as shown on several land plans including SO44179. Originally Maori Land - maybe payment was not forthcoming ? This road was named "Eastern Boundary Road".

Good on use

Posted on 22-11-2017 10:20 | By MANGOPARE

Good on use Ngai taiwhakaea no one told the council to make the road nor did use even know they just went on and did it without any communication ect. Awsome how use have now set in rules for access to the beach because now since recently going there ive seen no rubbish, cars are no speeding, no one drinking beers or sitting in there cars drugged out. This is awsome and im glad the whakatane council and mayor agrees with this too.... tumeke keep on keeping on.....

Golf Links Road

Posted on 22-11-2017 07:09 | By SonnyJim

This road leads directly to the coast with a turn-around spot. 4WD vehicles have open access there to the beach and sand-dune tracks to the east and westwards to Rangitaiki River.

Well, if its NOT a public road,

Posted on 22-11-2017 00:03 | By The Caveman

How about Ngai Taiwhakaea pay back to the Council ALL the money that the Council has spent on the "road" over the last 100+ years.

agree with Murray Guy

Posted on 21-11-2017 18:52 | By old trucker

Good on ya Murray,as the saying goes the squeaky wheel gets grease,(AKA) road sealed) Wakatane council should Not have to spend money on this and tell them people go away and come back in 20yrs time and have a whinge,and tell them to tell someone who gives a toss,look what happenend a year or to ago, in Matapahi, they stopped that big project going through some where because of some trees,my gosh,this happened in Perth 30yrs ago when puting a big pipeline through the river there, and those people said there was a serpent living there,and (believe )alleged) they had to go 1 and half km up stream to cross and come back,anyway this rd has been here scince DOT so leave it as is, and tell them to go to work.my thoughts only on this, Sunlive ,Thankyou,10-4 out.

Good faith?

Posted on 21-11-2017 12:07 | By Murray.Guy

Hapu members of Ngai Taiwhakaea surely must provide ’any and all ’actual evidence’ that supports their claim. ’IN GOOD FAITH’, the public road and access MUST be remain available as the law provides until such time as credible evidence and or an alternative legal position is confirmed. ’Oral evidence doesn’t suffice’ which is subject to ’chinese whisper outcomes, manipulation and in some cases (as we have experienced in Tauranga), almost total fabrication. Is this ’more about’ wanting the road sealed? Are we to deny or restrict public access to public assets at behest of Maori as a ’policy’?


Posted on 21-11-2017 11:53 | By dumbkof2

looks like a case of a few more million to the i want it crowd

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