High temperatures recorded at Mt Ruapehu

Mt Ruapehu is showing increasing signs of activity, but is expected to settle down shortly, according to GeoNet.

Temperatures and gas emissions are increasing at Mount Ruapehu. 

Recent fine weather allowed GeoNet to take readings over the volcano in the middle of the North Island.

Carbon dioxide, sulphur dioxide and hydrogen sulphide were all found to be at record-high levels.

The carbon dioxide emission rate on Thursday was 2290 tonnes per day, one of the largest values recorded in recent years. 

GeoNet says the data suggests the open vent volcano is degassing - which has been observed in the past outside eruptive periods.

The lake temperature was 37 degrees celcius, which was near the top of its usual range. 

Volcanic seismic tremor remained at moderate levels. 

However, duty volcanologist Tony Hurst says they decided to keep the alert level at 1.

The volcanic alert levels define the current status of volcanos in New Zealand, with 1 indicating minor unrest and 5 an eruption.

"This is something that happens every few years, we get higher temperatures and higher gas concentrations, but it's been sustained for a certain amount of time so we thought we would inform the public," says Tony.

"It's reasonably likely it will settle down soon."

The fine weather also allowed for water samples to be taken from the crater, and analysis of those was underway.

The volcano is being closely monitored.

-Additional reporting from Stuff


i agree

Posted on 26-11-2017 13:08 | By Capt_Kaveman

2290 tonnes per day the iwi should be paying carbon emissions and time for them to have a consent

IWI fart tax?

Posted on 26-11-2017 12:16 | By MISS ADVENTURE

Perhaps they better pay up like farmers are meant to?

Is this.......

Posted on 26-11-2017 08:49 | By groutby

......huge amount of CO2 emitted by this uncaring volcano taken into account within our huge (supposed) national (CO2)emission figures?..and if so maybe the Labour party could slap a tax on it....how dare it threaten the planet after all it has only been there for around a 1.5 million years polluting our country!..:)

What Uncle Brian would say

Posted on 25-11-2017 22:34 | By backofthequeue

This is the obvious result of taking away the charitable status of Destiny Church operations and the vote for same sex marriage across the ditch. Oh, and one more thing, a Santa parade in Papamoa in the month of November. The end is nigh...


Posted on 25-11-2017 17:01 | By Mike Kuipers von Lande

"Carbon Dioxide, Sulphur Dioxide and Hydrogen Sulphide were all found to be at record levels". Really? Record levels compared to what? Last Week? Last Month? Last year? The last time it erupted? Given that the Mountain is currently pretty quiet compared to the last sizeable eruptions in the 90's I find it difficult to believe that current gas emissions come anywhere near that period.


Posted on 25-11-2017 16:12 | By waiknot

And next time their rain/water floods my place.........

better call the iwi

Posted on 25-11-2017 14:39 | By CC8

ask them to stop their mountain farting and creating global warming.... ruining the ozone layer. especially please remind them that we( us greenies) want our rivers swimmable...(if that is actually a real word)...like they used to be before the mountain started polluting...

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