Record demand strains water supply

People are being asked to conserve water in Tauranga.

Tauranga City Council is urging residents to watch their water usage after demand reached a record high yesterday.

“If nothing changes, we’ll need to restrict outdoor water use,” says City Waters Manager Steve Burton.

“There’s enough for everyone if we’re mindful of how much we use and where we use it.

“Please avoid using sprinklers and if you have a garden hose, make sure you’re using it only where it’s needed.”

With more people living in Tauranga than ever before, the city’s water supply is under increasing pressure, particularly over the summer months.

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Go for a drive

Posted on 13-12-2017 19:22 | By Sg1nz

Maybe ms A should take a drive down Papamoa if she doesn’t believe that there is huge growth.


Posted on 13-12-2017 18:35 | By maildrop

Pour some more chlorine in, that’ll top it up. I water my veggies and won’t stop for nobody. They are very sustainable. Keeps me from driving to Countdown. That fall in demand keeps trucks off the road and ships from sailing the ocean. Very green. Pick on someone else.

Water load of nonsense.

Posted on 13-12-2017 17:41 | By morepork

"With more people living in Tauranga than ever before, the city’s water supply is under increasing pressure" And the revenue stream for Council increases accordingly... So, wouldn’t the obvious thing be to invest in making sure there’s enough water for everyone, rather than just hoping that it rains...? Nobody would condone wasting such a precious resource, whether it is in "short supply" or not, but if you are collecting revenue off it, the very least you can do is ensure a proper supply that is adequate for the number of people who are living here. I agree with Grayman, and Capt Kaveman made me smile...

@ grayman

Posted on 13-12-2017 17:41 | By MISS ADVENTURE

There is no "HUGE" growth in Tauranga, there is only a waste of money on "Nice to haves" and meaningless stuff that costs a fortune in intererst and debt repayments. The only thing that there is a "HUGE" growth in is the exaggeration of the reasons for the huge spending and debt circle that TCC have created.

@ Christine1965

Posted on 13-12-2017 17:38 | By MISS ADVENTURE

Very much a waste of drinking water, nuts inst it!

Plenty of water

Posted on 13-12-2017 17:01 | By BushBash

I use what I want and some more no holding back like a bird in a bird bath all day

Plastic pools

Posted on 13-12-2017 16:59 | By overit

Lots of those plastic pools about,they use a lot of water.

i pay for water

Posted on 13-12-2017 16:19 | By Capt_Kaveman

so i use what i want when i need it, but i will not waste it, but i dont drink it so thats more for me to use elsewhere when if i need it


Posted on 13-12-2017 15:19 | By grayman

With the huge growth in population the water shortage will occur every year. I believe the council should make a new reservoir top of the list. It is far and away more important than a museum.

New lawns

Posted on 13-12-2017 13:19 | By Christine1965

You just have got to drive round the new housing and all the new lawns to see where all the water is going. Sprinklers running all day long.

Water Tanks

Posted on 13-12-2017 12:49 | By MISS ADVENTURE

Perhaps it is overdue to encourage this to happen, even if only for non-drinking purposes. However of course TCC would miss out on the huge water rates revenue that they whack all citizens for, like dont want to do.

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