Golliwogs represent chimney sweeps

I heard on the radio that a woman had criticised someone for selling golliwogs and said that it was offensive and racist. What a load of rubbish. Showing off and selling golliwogs has nothing to do with black people. They were originally made to represent the blackened figures of chimney sweeps in 19th century England.

I say to the person who is selling these golliwogs, keep selling them and I hope people will support you and buy them. Don’t listen to this idiot.

I Brougham, Wanganui.


@ R. Bell

Posted on 18-01-2018 16:10 | By Captain Sensible

There are people who seem to go out of their way to be offended. Just buy yourself an alarm clock and get a job and you won’t have time to be offended. Imagine how 85% of NZ feels when told they are ineligible for a loan or a scholarship or a grant or whatever because they have the wrong bloodlines. Now that’s offensive!

The big difference

Posted on 18-01-2018 13:22 | By crazyhorse

Between ’them’ and us is we do not go around looking for something to blame on our inability to look after ourselves, it’s a "doll".

Naughty Dolly

Posted on 18-01-2018 12:56 | By crazyhorse

You have to laugh, what’s the blonde ’Barbie doll’ a white supremacist, it’s rediculous Yates even had to remove a product off their range Black Magic potting mix it had a black genie on it,

Sadly crazy, it;s more than just a doll.

Posted on 17-01-2018 10:59 | By R. Bell

You and I both know the " gollywog" has become a symbol of racial abuse all around the world. Why people of our race feel the need to insult people who are different I have no idea, particularly considering the mere act insults their own race in the process. Perhaps you as a perp’ can enlighten us. Robin Bell.


Posted on 15-01-2018 18:43 | By crazyhorse

Its a doll, get a life, a great example of how pathetic "you lot" really are!.

Looking in the mirror? groutby,

Posted on 15-01-2018 13:39 | By R. Bell

what are you banging on about. The above letter by a long time critic of Maori aspirations, as usual is inaccurate. There is no proof whatsoever of his claims. The "gollywog" was the invention of a childrens author in 1895, long after child slavery was banned in the U.K. It was a fairly innocent depiction, but notably no record of people objecting in the letter or your comment. Enid Blyton later turned the depiction into a portrayal of bullying, thieving black rogues. Perhaps that is why people of colour object. I know I would, it’s unnecessary. Robin Bell.

As a kid....

Posted on 12-01-2018 22:00 | By groutby

.. in the UK, I collected the "Robinsons Jam" golliwogs, (anyone else remember that?)..all adorned with nice attire, probably carrying an item of their skill..ie: musical instrument or whatever, and ( at the time) was proud of my collection. How things have changed, you now read (in UK) of ’collections being seized’, ’arrests made".... I Brougham, I am unaware of reference to chimney sweeps in the 19th century, but I do know that the representation (at that time) of these figures was one of really high standard and maybe one of the reasons why they were so popular. Now, if people who align with Maoridom are offended at such figures, should maybe take a serious look in the mirror. If aligned with either "white" or "black", in my opinion are wrong.. be proudly Maori, but realise you WILL be way more aligned with other cultures than you think....

NZ is PC Madville

Posted on 12-01-2018 09:46 | By Captain Sensible

Yeah....but this is a 3rd world country pretending to be 1st world so has to embrace PC madness and all things that are opposite to common sense.

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