NZ has major fitness problem

Kiwis on average walk only four kilometres a day.

New Zealand has a major problem committing to active participation, ExerciseNZ chief executive Richard Beddie says.

Too many of the government messages in the early 2000s focused on slogans such as walk to the bus stop when that was never the answer to the looming inactivity, diabetes and obesity issues, he says.

"To be blunt, the old-school food pyramid failed Kiwis in the same way that the old-school belief that gold medals and long-term participation levels are related.

"For too long we have been sending the wrong messages, but despite all that more than half a million Kiwis make the effort to be active through structured exercise such as gyms or studios.”

Richard says participation in organised sport is declining, whereas participation in structured exercise has been consistently growing for the past 15 years.

“Even during the last financial recession, gym memberships grew and have constantly out-performed New Zealand’s GDP growth, in good times and bad.

"What’s clear is that Kiwis want choice and they want flexibility, which is something that that exercise offers. If people like doing things by themselves, they can. If they want to do it in a group they can, such as early morning starts or late-night workouts – both are on offer.

Richard says he agrees that a well-balanced diet, regular exercise and activity lead to increased energy, decrease in the risks of lifestyle disease, better sleep and a stronger body.

"We urge less-active New Zealanders to change their sedentary lifestyle. It’s about supporting them in their journey, which is much more than just bombarding them with more information, or a new quick fix.”

A Stanford University report recently found Kiwis on average walk only four kilometres a day and Beddie says while that is better than nothing, it should not be celebrated. Last year, New Zealanders were found to be the chubbiest of 11 nations surveyed by Cigna 360 degrees Wellbeing Score research.

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Posted on 12-01-2018 12:42 | By rastus

Here is another example of some (supposedly educated) do gooder being paid by citizens to justify his/her unjustifiable employment - just leave us to get on with our lives......

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