Traffic lights fault blamed on lightning

The Brookfield traffic lights fault is intermittent. Photo: Supplied.

The Brookfield lights were out again on Wednesday, just 24 hours after being fixed by TCC contractors.

The 36 lights on the intersection have been faulty since the weekend, a situation people who have contacted SunLive are happy about as they say the traffic flows better when the lights are not working.

Council staff say the original fault stems from a lightning strike.

“A number of components were damaged and replaced but others have also developed intermittent faults,” says a statement from Tauranga City Council.

“We’re working through a fault finding process to trace and repair all residual issues.”

Council says while motorists may have experienced a marginal efficiency improvement at the uncontrolled roundabout, it’s to the detriment of pedestrians.

“With the shopping centre, school and a retirement village in the vicinity there are large numbers of vulnerable road users in the area.

“The signals improve safety and accessibility for those users, and also help balance out traffic flows during peak times. Fortunately, the current issues with the signals have been experienced during school holidays and with light traffic flows.”

All traffic signals in Tauranga are actively monitored and managed with their performance optimised to ensure they operate safely and efficiently, says the statement.



Posted on 18-01-2018 17:40 | By Capt_Kaveman

Have been nothing but a joke just the person who thought putting them there was a good idea, only light that should be there a crossing lights for people and the school

Traffic shambles.

Posted on 18-01-2018 15:08 | By sobeit

Agree that this "Roundabout" has never worked better than with the lights not working. Maybe needed at peaks but for the rest of the time they should be flashing orange like the rest of the world. But wait! That’s not allowed by NZTA who operate in a ’horse and cart" mentalites


Posted on 18-01-2018 08:02 | By maildrop

What are they? Never occurred to the meme motorists who want to see all lights torn down.

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