PM: ‘stunning inability for planning'

It is apparent Kerry Mitchell (‘Congratulations Jacinda and Clarke’, page 16, The Weekend Sun, January 26) fails to understand the issues raised by Ardern’s pregnancy. 

Firstly, the task of bearing a child is not a simple one. Gayford may be ready to be the primary caregiver, but it’s an irrelevance when this can’t happen until after the birth. 

For at least the next nine months, possibly longer, Ardern’s physical and mental stamina and abilities are going to be taxed by her pregnancy. When her job is the most important and stressful in the nation, this is far from ideal.

How many people get to take holidays and long-term leave six months into a new job? Our PM has shown a stunning inability for planning. 

Secondly, Ardern indisputably misled voters during the campaign. While a pregnant PM is far from ideal, if she had been honest about her intentions at least the electorate could have made an informed choice. Mitchell seems to believe this dishonesty is of no consequence. 

Finally, Mitchell repeatedly labels those who are critical of Ardern as ’keyboard cowards’. People are entitled to their opinions and to articulate them. Her attempt to shut down debate by bullying and name-calling is immature and reprehensible.

M Kuipers von Lande, Mount Maunganui (Abridged).

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Stone Age or simply political?

Posted on 02-02-2018 14:49 | By waxing

I am flabbergasted that in this age someone can write a letter like this. Are you still living in a cave? Do you not know of and see women handling a range and level of jobs while they are pregnant and returning to their jobs within a comparatively short time after they have given birth? Frankly the letter seems simply politically motivated, yet fails even that hurdle. I don’t know of any political party that would support these views. Perhaps you should form a new party so you could really see how out of touch you are.

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