Incineration answer to rubbish disposal

All the fuss over plastic bags and what does a Labourite immediately come up with? Yes, a tax.

There are many answers, including a simple ban. Successive governments have banned so many things over the years – what’s wrong with a ban on single-use plastic?

There is a simple and profitable answer to all our rubbish disposal and that is incineration.

Incineration is an investment. Huge amounts of electricity can be generated from the heat and turbines can be fitted into exhaust systems to generate even more power. There is even money in the ashes, known as IBBA which is a heterogeneous material containing substances like ceramics, glass, brick, clinker, and other fused materials.

IBAA has been an accepted and widely-used sustainable aggregate both in the UK and on the continent for 10 years.

It is a sustainable and cost-effective option that complies with European and British Standards as well as sections of the Specification for Highway Works.

If governments and councils got their thinking caps on and thought about this rather than what they can ban or tax we would all be enjoying a better way of life.

A Bourne, Bethlehem (Abridged).


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