Vacant supermarket, Rena ops base

The former Foodtown supermarket in Cameron Road is the new shore side headquarters for the Rena salvage operation.

Today the supermarket, which has been empty since May this year, is occupied by about 200 people from the different aspects of the operation; the salvors, the oil spill response, the joint military operation, consultants and communications staff are occupying tables loaded with laptops against walls and partitions displaying charts, drawings and plans.

The new command centre is up and running.

The former base behind Classic Flyers was too small.

“It was just so crowded there, it was just a couple of offices, a tiny little space,” says the spokesperson.

“It was a huge exercise setting up all the IT.”

They will be based at the former supermarket for the duration, until the Rena is completely off the reef – which means months.

Just taking the containers off alone is going to be months of work.

They start work about 6am each day and run on until at least 9.30pm.

Meals are brought in.

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Shifting sand

Posted on 11-10-2011 12:42 | By Shifting sand

I see 30 people in four photos. Three are eating pies. One is sorting his Mac Donald’s Happy Meal, one is steering into space with a coffee and 14 seem to be standing or sitting around doing nothing! Oh, that’s a good sign. Looks like everyone is on the ball! I wonder what the other 170 people at this site are doing? Finishing their coffee and cigarettes outside I suppose? Would it not be more efficient to leave one person to man the phones while everyone else gets down to the beach with a bucket and spade each to help clean up?

Who ate all the Pies?

Posted on 11-10-2011 12:29 | By Kin

One poor bloke has had to go to Maccas to get a feed. Looking at the size of some of them they need less pie and more shoveling on the beach. They should be eating fruit. When I have Maccas and KFC it makes me sleepy. High Vis vest required in case they trip up on a rogue pie.

clean up

Posted on 11-10-2011 10:18 | By Mr bay

Clean up on aisle Astrolabe.......

Rena updates

Posted on 10-10-2011 22:27 | By Pamax

If readers want up to date status reports on the Rena salvage operation go to This site has regular (hourly) updates on all aspects of this major salvage operation. Max Lewis. Mt Maunganui

Note the high vis jackets and camouflage

Posted on 10-10-2011 22:22 | By JSmithington

I’m afraid from this story and the photos this operation seems to have all the hallmarks of an excessive reliance on paper pushers strutting their stuff. What’s the security car doing in the foreground? Why the high visibility vests? The only thing missing’s the dark glasses and earpieces for secret communications. Makes Dad’s Army look like a documentary. Sorry to be cynical but it’s diffcult not to be seeing all the above.

Which ile

Posted on 10-10-2011 18:15 | By waiknot



Posted on 10-10-2011 18:13 | By wazzock

wheres my comment!

new supermarket

Posted on 10-10-2011 18:12 | By railwayman

Well new for Tauranga,supermarker run by the forces .Cheap containers and oil and all you have to do is pay for shipping and pick up.????? It is a crying shame for our harbour and beaches to have this happen right on the cruise ship season and comming into the summer.Where are the forces to help clean up and it has been the locals doing the pick up of the oil sludge off the beaches or are the forces sitting in the big empty supermarket.I know it is a big thing to sort out but all of the locals want is action to get our pristine beach back to how it was so every one can enjoy it and not have to travel to other beaches and get fish.


Posted on 10-10-2011 18:02 | By wazzock

well, it’s been nearly a week, glad to see they got the pies, water bottles and yellow hi viz all sorted


Posted on 10-10-2011 17:05 | By Hess

What would they all be doing ?????????

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