New creative market steps into breach

ZEE stallholder Barb Hudson with her wares at Barisa.

It’s steadily filling a gap left by the closure of the Cargo Shed Arts and Crafts Market.

It’s the new ZEE Market in the Community Hall at 169 Elizabeth Street, just before the Takitimu roundabout – a showcase for local artists, crafters and local businesses.

It’s open today as it is every second and fourth Saturday of the month, come rain or shine.

The market has had big support from some of the ex-Cargo Shed stallholders, and they now regularly show their wares at the ZEE Market.

ZEE is growing all the time, with its own unique brand of stalls supporting local artists of all kinds and making their work available to the community.

“You can come and buy, talk to artists about their work and also discuss how you can produce our own line of work,” says Kevin Bustard, one of the market organisers.

The word ZEE has its origins in numerology and astrology, but a simple explanation is a creative, artistic and talented individual.

The Cargo Shed closed in 2016 after stallholders were unable to negotiate a favourable tenancy agreement.

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The Cargo Shed

Posted on 10-02-2018 10:20 | By Murray.Guy

What’s happened to the Cargo Shed. Tauranga City unceremoniously kicked them out contrary to agreements made, said it was imminently in danger, then changed their minds. What was their undisclosed agenda? We miss the Cargo Shed as a tour coach and cruise ship stop over, drop of point.

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