$12m cycle plan for consultation

The council is planning to consult on safer cycle ways. Photo: Supplied.

A cycle plan recommending $12 million be spent on building new cycle ways over the next three years is expected has been recommended for inclusion in the Long Term Plan.

The cycle plan is a Tauranga City Council response to numbers that show while Tauranga is relatively flat and has mostly good cycling weather, most consider it too dangerous – an opinion backed up by accident statistics.

In Tauranga people on bikes are over represented in crashes involving deaths and serious injuries, according to figures in the draft Tauranga Cycle Plan recommended for approval by the Transport Committee.

Figures from travel surveys show trips by bikes make up just one per cent of total transport trips in Tauranga, but people on bikes are involved in 13 per cent of total crashes resulting in deaths and serious injuries.

Tauranga has the highest car use of any city in New Zealand with around 91 per cent of trips to work being made by private motor vehicle.

Congestion is getting so bad that at least 14 per cent of commuters are going to have to be riding bikes by 2031, just to be able to keep the travel times on the roads at ‘reasonable levels’.

The acknowledged problem is many people don’t feel safe riding bikes in Tauranga and safety concerns are putting people off starting to ride bikes.

Lack of physical protection from traffic on busy roads is people’s biggest safety concern.

The plan proposes to create priority cycle ways across the city on an area by area basis starting with the Mount Maunganui, Omanu, Arataki areas.

In each investment area the council staff and contractors intend to continuously upgrade priority cycle ways that connect to work and education activities until a comprehensive network is completed.



Posted on 27-02-2018 00:34 | By Tgaboy

This proposed cycleway is for commuters. Adults who work in CBD and wider area and chose to bike. And for kids to travel safely in the community. As opposed to the tourist trails you refer to.

Cycle tracks?

Posted on 23-02-2018 02:29 | By Centurion

I don’t see too many cyclists on the various expensive Key-supported cycle tracks around the country. Build the tracks and they will come? They don’t appear to have received the message yet.

Could not agree more Wonkytonk

Posted on 22-02-2018 19:42 | By Tgaboy

Im on the same page.

humans are selfish..

Posted on 21-02-2018 20:19 | By Wonkytonk

do they pay tax? acc etc...oh my what a comment to even ask! i don’t cycle, live a fair way out to do that but would love to, especially if the cycle lanes were improved. I don’t mind paying either, it’s like saying if you don’t have kids why do i as a taxpayer contribute towards them! If this helps congestion then why not. If people of Tauranga really think it will be like the good old days then maybe its worth just moving out.. Its here to stay, we are growing but more cars and roads are not the answer just look at EVERY city in the world~, but the choice is yours..work from home, travel at different times, move house! ....if they build a road they will come!


Posted on 15-02-2018 20:40 | By Tgaboy

You dont think cyclists pay taxes and ACC levies? Laughable. If I or any other cyclist has an accident we have every right to use those services we contribute to. As for obeying the rules, I bike everyday. Everyday I see cars run red lights and turn without indicating, I dont see cyclists doing this. And because some drivers chose to drive like this, lends itself to the reason cyclists need seperate paths.By the way, I would be happy to pay a bike rego if need be, as long as we got cycle paths.

That old tired dialogue

Posted on 15-02-2018 19:39 | By Tgaboy

Suggesting cyclists use roads for free. Yawn. I own a car. I dont use it because cycling is faster from where I live. This is the same situation as a lot of cycling commuters. So Im paying car rego and choosing to cycle most days. If I were as simple as the people this comment was aimed at, Id be saying something dumb like Im paying for the roads you use. However, fortunately, Im not that stupid.


Posted on 14-02-2018 19:04 | By old trucker

i was riding me old horse Nightmare home the other afternoon a cyclist would not give way, i was within my rights to ride on the white line (FOG) like the bikes, my gosh you dont see many kids on these paths, people on hot days with jackets on, gosh this DIRT WORD EXERCISE makes me want to wash my mouth out with chocalate cake, WALKING is better for ya, N01 Thankyou, 10-4 out phew.

you cant fix stupid...

Posted on 14-02-2018 13:43 | By GreertonBoy

I’m referring to everyone who cant recognize that spending money on making bikes safer and more attractive at the cost of everyone BUT the cyclists who will benefit from the free paths that they will ride on (for free).. and people who dont realize that when cyclists riding on these paths they paid nothing for, are forced to ride essentially on the wrong side of the road, directly into oncoming traffic... but, dont worry, when they have an accident, they will get a free ride in a helicopter which they wont have to pay for either... I think it is about time that people who ride bicycles as transport (not kids riding around the block or to school).... but who choose to commute or travel by bike, should be required to have a license, pay some form of registration and actually obey some road rules (for once)


Posted on 14-02-2018 10:48 | By maildrop

You certainly can’t. Petrol will be replaced soon so all the eco smug cyclists will lose their leverage. Any forward thinking economy will put in better infrastructure to accomodate the majority. Cyclists will continue to be the people the rest of us laugh at as we wizz by in comfortable transport. In the meantime keep sucking up my exhaust fumes and try not to wobble off under my wheels.

Hate to have cycle lane outside my gate

Posted on 13-02-2018 23:21 | By Seriously?

Imagine trying to enter/exit your property on Ocean Beach Rd with one of these cycle lanes running past the front of your property. It’s bad enough now trying to find a gap in 2 lanes of traffic let alone 2 lanes of traffic AND 2 lanes of cycle way. Interesting to see if it impacts on house prices/sales in these proposed areas.

You can’t fix stupid

Posted on 13-02-2018 21:40 | By Tgaboy

Im referring to everyone that cant recognise that spending money on making biker safer and more attractive is of benefit to us all. All you losers that would rather moan and wish for more roads as the solution. Hope you enjoy sitting in congestion, getting fat and paying for petrol and parking.


Posted on 13-02-2018 17:44 | By maildrop

Everyone on bicycles or buses as they head off to the factory. Reminds me of China or North Korea. It’s a great leveller isn’t it. Being forced to sit next to your comrade on a bus or cycle along in a chain of bikes. This insidious creep towards the removal of all freedom of choice and being controlled by big brother. Rastus is onto it.

How about this solution..

Posted on 13-02-2018 16:20 | By inthweedz

It’s the hills around the city which stop a lot of people riding bikes to work.. Sooo, with all those $$$, Lets build a fenced, walking and cycle bridges / tracks ( a metre above high tide) around the edges of the estuaries surrounding Tauranga, linking all the suburbs, and ending in the Strand area. That way most cyclists would be off the busy roads and out of the car’s way, and there would be no hills to worry about.

Thoroughly agree

Posted on 13-02-2018 14:57 | By Tassie

There are many more things this money could be used for apart from the minority road users and you are cutting down the size of the roads and just causing more accidents.


Posted on 13-02-2018 14:24 | By backofthequeue

When you consider that the council is doing everything in their power to discourage vehicles from entering the central city would it not make more sense to direct this spend on safer bicycle lanes that feed into the CBD?

Cycling is the future

Posted on 13-02-2018 14:14 | By Scott Parker

Why spend the money - because that is the future. Look at the increase in cycling that is occurring in Tauranga and in the rest of NZ (and the world). Plus it’s about a tenth of the cost per km of network, than roading. Has a higher capacity, is better for you and better for the environment. Plus the more that we do get people onto bikes, the less overloaded the cycling network will be. Maybe look at what has happened to cycling in Auckland over the last 4 years. It’s impressive.

Amazing! I bet someone went to uni for years....

Posted on 13-02-2018 13:52 | By GreertonBoy

and gets an astonishing amount of money to come up with ridiculous, dangerous ideas like that? I wonder how long it will be before a vehicle hits one of those ’barriers’ and damages a wheel or tyre and the vehicle pulls left into a group of oncoming cyclists, both at speed? I wonder how many parents will advise their children to ride in the outer lane towards oncoming traffic? Has any of these uni people wondered how confusing it will be for DRIVERS when at night and suddenly they are being blinded by headlights of others passing on their right (as normal) and blinded by bicycle headlights approaching (and blinding them) from the LEFT side as well.... at the same time? My advice to these uni eggs... save some of the money recieved to fight legal action when disaster inevitably happens. Cringeworthy idea!

public transport

Posted on 13-02-2018 12:49 | By Lvdw

Make public transport AFFORDABLE and EFFICIENT. Problem solved.

make maungatapu bridge rider friendly in both directions...

Posted on 13-02-2018 12:42 | By ambo519

agree with you By Told you - Def need to sort roads themselves out!! But would also be great if the council wd do something like a rider/pedestrian footpath on both sides of the Maungatapu bridge. This would mean that people could safely ride from bayfair/papamoa to welcome bay (rather than do a massive detour via matapihi) and that would help ease the traffic congestion that is getting worse every week, and chewing up the road surfaces. At the moment there is only a footpath on the welcome bay - bayfair side of the bridge.... I’ve seen people try and cross the road in front of the traffic or just ride across the bridge itself and we all know how that works out :(

Agenda 21

Posted on 13-02-2018 12:37 | By rastus

I have been warning about this UN sponsored way of thinking that is being fueled by the left wing poli’s and their supporters along with the whiny greens who most of would have no idea of what our world was like before the invention of the motor vehicle that has contributed so much to our lives and to a very much better world - however if you just sit there and ignore what is going on around you then you will soon find out what that agenda will bring!

From Welcome Bay

Posted on 13-02-2018 11:36 | By Dutchie

I live in Welcome Bay and work in the CBD. I just can’t handle the traffic anymore, so I’ve been biking to work since November. My teenagers cycle to school. Do I feel safe? No way! Most drivers are great and give us plenty of space but... you really only need one idiot (or someone not using their eyes/mirrors/common sense). The existing cycle paths are pretty bad and the hills are no fun but... it’s still better than sitting in that crazy traffic jam each day. Good for my health, my wallet, and the environment. I’ll keep it up!

Re: what

Posted on 13-02-2018 11:29 | By GenY

The idea is to turn the minority into a larger cohort which improves road userbility for motorists by reducing traffic on the road and at a smaller cost. Not to mention the environmental and social positives of it. The study says that 30% of ppl ride bikes but only 1-2% ride to work. If there was good cycling infrastructure I think ppl would use it. I would

Why? Because it makes sense

Posted on 13-02-2018 10:36 | By Sarg

It is not spending money only on the minority. If more people cycle, it is better for all road users because there are fewer cars on the road. But cyclists need to be safe. We could spend more money on more roads, but evidence shows that doing that doesn’t help long term, it just encourages more cars. A vicious circle of spending, so new approaches are needed.

Look forward to this increasing in the future

Posted on 13-02-2018 10:18 | By tgacentral

4m a year for 3 years is a drop in the bucket of transport spending in Tauranga. The City Council is funding 90m in transport maintenance and projects this financial year alone, almost all of which directly benefits cars and heavy vehicles. The new Tauranga Northern Link NZTA project will cost over 250m. Getting more people on bikes needs to play a significant role in easing traffic congestion as the city grows and this investment needs to increase in subsequent years to allow for that and keep everyone safe. Health, pollution and cost benefits are an added bonuses when you jump on a bike but all road users benefit with each less car sitting in traffic, taking up parking spaces and damaging roads.

money better spent

Posted on 13-02-2018 09:38 | By rosscoo

What about putting towards widening of 15th ave turret road. with the new welcome bay underpass traffic still going to have to merge to one lane at turret rd bridge.

so much for so few

Posted on 13-02-2018 08:43 | By Darth Vader NZ

12 million to be spent on so few how about fixing the goat track they call Domain road in Papamoa with the population increase in Papamoa the main arterial route is overdue for maintenance by 30 years would be money better spent

Not enough room

Posted on 13-02-2018 08:41 | By maildrop

for footpaths, bus lanes, cycle lanes and cars. So who gets chopped? These consultants can’t agree on which direction to go, buses or bikes, but they have decided the car is the devil. One thing is for sure, every grass verge on each side of every road and street needs ripping up. It’s dead space and I’m sick of mowing it for TCC. Footpath one side, cycle lane the other side, extra space created by removing the grass verges is an extra CAR lane. No dedicated Bus lanes anywhere because these should be full of banned drivers and those who do not pass the intelligence test, and they can get in the queue like everyone else. All problems solved. I’m sick of these communists trying to prioritise ease of travel for the plebs.

more tax

Posted on 13-02-2018 08:05 | By hapukafin

its time to have registration for bikes so we all contribute to roadways


Posted on 13-02-2018 07:43 | By Told you

Why spend all this money on a minority of road users ,what about fixing the roads for us motorists before worrying about cyclists.

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