Man hospitalised after fall

The man had to winched from Omanawa Falls by the Westpac Rescue Helicopter. FIle photo.

A man is in Tauranga Hospital after receiving injuries in a fall at Omanawa Falls on Saturday evening.

A Bay of Plenty DHB spokesperson says the 30-year-old, from Auckland, is currently in a stable condition in the orthopaedic ward.

The Westpac Rescue Helicopter was called to winch the man from Omanawa Falls at around 5pm.

A St John spokesperson says the patient was transported by ambulance to Tauranga Hospital in a moderate condition.


Time for Council Action Well Overdue

Posted on 26-02-2018 16:54 | By BennyBenson

I’ve counted 70 cars parked there some days and a standard farm gate with a closed sign on it does nothing to deter people going down there other than stop locals wanting to take a nice shaded walk to the viewing platform and back with their dogs. Council can talk all they want about building access to the river but they also need to prioritise the parking parked both sides over the road reducing access past to one lane on a bend is a real issue, especially when you add cars with doors open, people gathering in the middle of the road and basically using a 100km road as a public car park. Council..what are you going to do? and when?

How many so far???

Posted on 25-02-2018 18:48 | By teamjelly

If memory serves - that’s about number 6 so farIt’s already closed off - but that’s not stopping the TouristsA set of steps or even an iron-rung ladder might not go astrayMcLaren Falls park has had millions poured into it over the yearsSurely a $15,000 ladder and decent carparking at Omanawa falls would be an ideaIt’s one of the most popular tourist destinations in Tauranga at the moment - but isn’t being utilised and is hazardous. --------Kaimai Local-------------

Another accident at the falls

Posted on 25-02-2018 15:43 | By tia

It is not closed off to the public and that is the problem. Both Councils don’t appear to take this issue seriously. Every time there is an accident, ACC cover the cost of the chopper. It is a major problem with cars parked on the wrong side of the road against the traffic, people wandering around the road, car doors open ready to be hit, local residents marking "No Parking" over gate entrances. This road is a 100km/h area. Someone will be seriously hurt and then we will see what Councils response is.


Posted on 25-02-2018 14:37 | By Capt_Kaveman

The reason it was closed off to public now some idiot hurt themselves now prob be closed again

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