Public breakfast to discuss museum

Cliff Road is likely to be the site of a Tauranga museum, if the project goes ahead. File photo.

The second in a series of public breakfast sessions in which guest speakers discuss the merits of a museum for Tauranga will be held on Wednesday March 7 in the Tauranga Club, Devonport Hotel from 7.15am- 8.45am.

The next presenter being hosted museum advocacy group Taonga Tauranga is Ken Gorbey, a New Zealander who is internationally recognised for his leadership and creativity as a museum professional.

He played a pivotal role in the development of Te Papa, has advised museums in Russia, Europe, Australia and the United States, and as the deputy president and project director of the Jewish Museum in Berlin, pulled together and made a success of a project in danger of failure because of internal and external dissension.

Ken will share his vision of the ever-broadening role of the museum in the modern world.

'We have had the data since at least the 1990s – many museums around the world, and especially those that fail to adapt and continue to pursue essentially 19th century models, are closing,” he says.

'But there are new museums based on partnership and commercial practise that are booming.”

Ken will address benchmark ‘museological' developments integrated within metropolitan and regional social/economic and cultural/heritage strategies.

Taonga Tauranga convenor Peter McKinlay says the group is delighted with the public response to its work in contributing to public debate on how the establishment of the museum can contribute to the broader social, cultural and economic development of Tauranga Moana.

'We think Ken's insights will play an important part in helping all of us realise the vision of Tauranga residents for a 21st century museum.”

There is a $20 koha per person, to cover costs. To attend the March 7 museum breakfast session, RSVP to and pay your koha directly to Taonga Tauranga 38-9019-0379963-00.

This is a Kiwibank account set up to allow internet banking. Donations will also be gratefully received.



Posted on 27-02-2018 12:11 | By morepork

I understood "koha" to be a contribution or gift, as a mark of respect or friendship. As such, it cannot be specified as a requirement. This is an admission charge.


Posted on 27-02-2018 12:39 | By dumbkof2

more dollars just wasted


Posted on 27-02-2018 13:15 | By rastus

Here we go again - why not wait for the referendum result before inviting those with an obvious agenda to brow beat the locals


Posted on 27-02-2018 14:23 | By Merlin

The farce carries on.

Peter talks rubbish

Posted on 27-02-2018 16:01 | By maildrop

WTF does he think he is talking for all Tauranga residents? What arrogance.

Complete bollox

Posted on 27-02-2018 17:23 | By maildrop

How can this joker talk about commercial practice and brag about Te Papa in the same breath? Te Papa only survives on taxpayer subsidies and grants. And that is the National museum. And it follows his model. So the conclusion is that Tauranga will be a smaller version of Te Papa, and every bit as uncommercial, i.e. reliant on 'grants' every year (from ratepayers). Museums have their place. It's called Te Papa in Wellington. Tauranga is not the place. Of course a "museum professional" will wax lyrical about how great they are. He has a vested interest in seeing one go up so he can clip the ticket, and zero responsibility to pay for it. This is making my teeth itch.

Wasting money

Posted on 27-02-2018 20:09 | By Pensioner

Why don't the Council put the money towards the crap roading system (15th ave is a perfect example) in Tauranga instead of wasting it on a museum that will probably be nothing but a white elephant.

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