Update: Collision off Tauranga harbour

TECT Rescue bringing occupants back to shore

UPDATE: 21:50

The three men believe they are lucky to have survived after another boat collided with theirs.

“He went over the top of us,” says Darren Jones who lives on ’The Madness’.

Two of the men - Pier Terangi and ’Gromet’ (Jones) - who were fishing in a dinghy near the yacht saw the boat.

“It was steaming towards us and missed us by about two metres,” says Pier. “The boat hit the yacht that had Divo in it.”

“We pulled up the anchor to head over to the yacht to see if Divo was alright. The other boat was still there and hung around for a bit trying to start their boat up and then they left.

“One of their guys was in the water. With the impact of the boat he must have fallen in. He swam back to their boat and they headed off.”

The Madness is on a mooring.

“The whole back of it is wrecked. It’s smashed right through,” says Pier.

Gromet believes they were struck by an 18 foot ’aluminium’

“it was flying,” says Gromet.

The men are shaken but no injuries were sustained.


About 8.30pm tonight a loud bang was heard in Pilot Bay. Two boats collided near the Tangaroa statue with the noise from the collision heard as far away as Salisbury Wharf.

The Coastguard sent a boat out to the collision area and is bringing the passengers to shore.

Police say that it appears one boat may have been sitting in the water near the entrance with no lights and this boat was hit by another boat at dusk as it came in to the harbour.

It was not known how many people were on board the boat that hit the stationary boat as it has now left the site.

A St John Ambulance crew traveled to Salisbury Wharf to assist with any injured from the stationary boat however it is still unknown if they will be required.


Where was harbor patrol

Posted on 18-03-2018 05:06 | By Grant s

How come the harbor masters men always up some back creek hassle some Fisherman in a dingy but not patrolling for real hazards when they are happening .giving away jelly beans helps no one


Posted on 16-03-2018 21:31 | By The Hobbit

Really smart sitting in the harbour entrance in a boat with no lights!!! Hope they are charged.

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