Designers to discuss Tauranga’s museum

Clayton McGregor, who has worked on some of New Zealand’s most popular museum exhibitions, will be speaking at breakfast hosted by Taonga Tauranga this Thursday. Supplied photo.

The third in a series of breakfast sessions organised by Taonga Tauranga will feature Clayton McGregor and Celeste Skachill, two young, talented designers who have worked on some of New Zealand's most popular museum exhibitions.

Clayton and Celeste are both originally from Tauranga and are thrilled to be returning to the city to share their experiences of working on some of Te Papa's most successful exhibitions.

'Through their presentation they will show how they used co-creation to actively involve the people they were designing for, to create some of Te Papa's most loved museum experiences,” says Taonga Tauranga convenor Peter McKinley.

'Both were heavily involved in the development of the Gallipoli exhibition at Te Papa, Clayton has 20 years of museum, gallery, exhibit and visitor design experience in New Zealand and internationally. Celeste is a rising star now operating her own highly successful design business.

'Their story is a great example of how the Tauranga museum could evolve,” says Peter.

Taonga Tauranga is a voluntary group of Tauranga residents supporting the museum project by encouraging public discussion.

To attend the Thursday 7am to 9am breakfast session, to be held in the Tauranga Club, Devonport Hotel, Devonport Road, Tauranga email There is a $20 koha.

For more information, and to pay the koha, visit the Taonga Tauranga Facebook page.


Te Papa

Posted on 10-04-2018 16:59 | By Willie Basher

Quite a few living off that taxpayer and grant subsidised jewel. Now they want to clip the Tauranga ticket and have me pay for their folly. Jokers. It ain't gonna happen.

head in sand

Posted on 10-04-2018 17:04 | By dumbkof2

how many more thousands of dollars is this council going to waste on this white elephant. the referendom will be a waste of time as it will be non binding and ego trippers will go ahead with it anyway. looks like there will be councillers looking for a new job next election


Posted on 10-04-2018 17:09 | By R1Squid

accumulating bills while the referendum vote has not even been counted. Seems like the decision has already been made.Rates strike anyone?

Wots happening

Posted on 10-04-2018 17:45 | By hapukafin

Is the planning for the museum done and dusted? Or is the council wasting money pending the referendum in the mail

Who are you

Posted on 10-04-2018 17:52 | By thebrad

Don't bother we don't want a museum, the TCC are clueless.


Posted on 10-04-2018 18:06 | By Told you

What, I dont believe you can do this with the referendum just around the corner, have you no shame.?


Posted on 10-04-2018 18:41 | By nerak

"There is a $20 Koha" Pardon? 'Koha is a New Zealand Mori custom which can be translated as gift, present, offering, donation or contribution.' The descriptive mentions nothing about a set amount.

golly gosh

Posted on 10-04-2018 18:52 | By old trucker

HOW MUCH IS ALL THIS COSTING, for crying out loud, WE DO NOT WANT IT, or is it already planned and on the board for construction. how come we have to get more designers to look at this, GOSH the TCC must have a money tree, (OURS) PUT THIS TO BED,(BUT) TCC are trying to BREAK US, and will keep on getting (CONS)ultants to keep looking, and BLEEDING US in FEES.This is SICKENING why can we all not stand up and say something, i know i would but it would not go down well, also DO you NOTICE there are NO TCC names in this,my sixpence worth for what its worth,Sunlive, Thankyou, 10-4 out. phew.

The vote will be a telling time

Posted on 10-04-2018 19:19 | By Angels

Its soon, time for the truth to come out.Hopefully a end to crazy spending. A waste of money and time.

And we have yet to see...

Posted on 10-04-2018 20:03 | By morepork

... anyone who DOESN'T have a vested interest commenting on the proposed museum. While I support the right of people to attempt to persuade others (standard practice in a Democracy), there is an aspect of this I really don't like. A quick check of previous uses of the word "koha" by prominent Maori, and the IRD web site, shows that "koha" has to be voluntary and it cannot be a "required amount". Stating otherwise affronts Maoritanga and Kiwi culture. Either request a donation (and, maybe, suggest $20...), or require a $20 admission fee. Koha comes from others as a mark of respect, mana, or gratitude; you don't demand/require it. When you do, it ISN'T koha...


Posted on 10-04-2018 21:55 | By maildrop

Went to the Gallipoli piece at Te Papa. Free entry. When I say free, not to the taxpayers who paid for me to see it. It was ok. Glad it was free or I'd be annoyed. Same old stuff. Museums are not a commercial enterprise, more a club, and should be paid for as such. It ain't gonna happen here .


Posted on 11-04-2018 10:48 | By dumbkof2

where is the space on the voting paper that says neither site


Posted on 11-04-2018 12:56 | By morepork

I didn't see your post before I posted, but am pleased to see I am not the ONLY one who picked up on the "koha" issue. The organizers may believe that if they call it "koha" it will not be subject to tax. (They are wrong; IRD reserve the right to decide and this is blatantly NOT "koha".) We need to protect traditions like this and make sure they are not abused.


Posted on 11-04-2018 13:03 | By morepork

... the referendum is NON-BINDING. So they can waste a whole lot of money being seen to go through a "democratic process" then completely ignore the results if it isn't what they want. Remember too that local elections are not so far away and that's a "democratic process" that IS binding. (I think dumbkopf2 noted this also...). If you don't support the museum, don't vote for councillors who do...


Posted on 11-04-2018 13:06 | By morepork

If you mark the box at the top (as voting against the Museum) then you shouldn't tick either of the "location" boxes. I agree with you, it is not perfectly clear.

@Told You

Posted on 11-04-2018 13:12 | By morepork

This is a private group who are lobbying for the museum. As such, it isn't shameful, they are just trying to persuade people ahead of a vote. Their pretense at "koha" is shameful...

Wrong use of the word,

Posted on 11-04-2018 16:23 | By R. Bell

but hardly shameful given the negative comments usually associated with those who disparage most things Maori. What is shameful is the disgraceful ignorance shown below by those who cannot see the great benefit a museum would bring to a city centre devoid of any attraction to outsiders. Cannot see the educational benefit it would bring to our children and are incapable of breaking free of their conservative shackles, held in place by their tightfisted attitude. Robin Bell.

@ morepork

Posted on 11-04-2018 16:40 | By Told you

Sorry I will be more careful with my words from now on,but I still dont agree with lobbying before the referendum,and as for koha I will not comment in case I get had up.

it's so obvious that not many want a museum

Posted on 12-04-2018 09:20 | By Mein Fuhrer

going by the poll. so why not stop with all this pre planning bull and get on with sorting our failing infrastucture.

When did...

Posted on 12-04-2018 12:42 | By morepork

... being "fiscally responsible" become "tightfisted"? If you have a billion dollars of debt, it is "fiscally irresponsible" to spend 50 million more (that has to be borrowed...) on something that is NON-ESSENTIAL. I'm NOT anti-museum (I agree it would be "nice to have") but I am against it right NOW. It ISN'T "tightfisted" to live within your means; anyone who manages a household budget knows that. When we see a Council that actually moves to reduce debt, then they might get some credibility with managing other large capital expenditures. Maybe the poll should be limited to Ratepayers... but then we know what the result would be. All those tightfisted, mean-spirited, $10 Tauranga, property owners are only happy when crushing the dreams of others... Right?

A billion in debt, morepork,

Posted on 16-04-2018 12:32 | By R. Bell

that is almost as big an exaggeration as the 50 billion you once claimed settlements had cost. Currently T.C.C debt is just over 400 million. No local body in N.Z is expanding as rapidly as we are. Population increase is unprecedented. Rates income will rise accordingly and your capital gain will be enormous. Robin Bell.

Bring it on Cliff Rd

Posted on 17-04-2018 20:03 | By betelgeuse

Cliff Rd looks like the go.Strange that most of the bloggers here suggest that "no one wants it" which seems to be their theme. Where on earth do they get this information from? I want it! Most of my friends want it,Colleges and junior schools want it and all believe would be a wonderful asset to our growing city.I really wonder if any of the comentators here have ever been to a museum? Maybe they just havent been so fortunate. Soon they may have that chance

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