A different view of Coronation Park

Drawings of the proposed transport and information hub at Salisbury Ave and Coronation Park. Images: Mark Wassung/Design Engine Architects.

Imagine a transport hub, information centre and accommodation provider all in one location in downtown Mount Maunganui.

That’s the vision local architect Mark Wassung has for Salisbury Avenue along the edge of Coronation Park.

He’s seen the ‘chaos’ of bewildered cruise ship passengers getting off at Salisbury Wharf, where taxis and buses jostle for space, and thinks the best solution is to combine tourist facilities with accommodation and a transport centre, to bring people in and out of the Mount with ease.

“I’ve recently been to Port Canaveral [in the USA] and they have elevated walkways there that move on wheels and can be adjusted to whatever ship comes in,” he says.

“The passengers walk at a higher level, separate from the other port activities. Here, passengers could walk along a similar walkway to an information centre and food court, which would be above the bus and train station.”

The transport hub would have options for buses, taxis, and bicycles, as well as trains if the railway line is extended into Coronation Park.

Mark says the idea is all about generating conversations and shifting thinking, particularly with the Port of Tauranga, which would have to come on board for the project to be viable.

A hotel as part of the complex could also be used as a way to attract a private investor.

“It could be a public-private partnership. An international hotel chain may be interested, and I know the city needs one. I wouldn’t expect the council to pay for it – I’m very against councils paying for buildings, they shouldn’t be in that business.”

Cycle advocate Heidi Hughes from Bike Mount has seen the drawings and thinks the concept would be a great way to tie together different projects.

“It looks at the future of transport and parking in the area, as well providing the opportunity for more accommodation and tying in the information centre, which at the moment is going to be a single-use building.”

She says the transport hub in particular fits with her group’s aim of freeing up road space for all users.

“This idea would encourage people to come to the Mount in transport other than cars, such as buses or trains, and reduce congestion here.”

As Mark is a candidate in the upcoming Tauranga City Council by-election, the council would not comment on the designs. The current management plan for Coronation Park emphasises developing the area for recreational use and potentially installing artwork.



Posted on 16-04-2018 20:53 | By maildrop

A child could draw that and dream of elevated walkways. It’s just folly with no thought about roading or other factors. Architects are dreamers who love to spend other people’s money. Never seen one yet who can control a budget. Exactly what we don’t need. Shut the door on your way out. Don’t come again.

Block the TCC Credit Card

Posted on 15-04-2018 08:34 | By Gaz

Looks nice but do not show it to TCC, as they all want to spend spend up on the rate payers credit card, with no regard to us having to pay for their grand ideas. Send them all on a budgeting course.

please stop

Posted on 14-04-2018 07:43 | By Captain Sensible

The incompetents at TCC are already planning for $1 billion of debt which due to repayments will make it impossible for the next generation to even consider buying a house as the rates will cost more than the house. Please stop giving the TCC incompetents more ideas for wasting someone else’s money.

It's a worry...

Posted on 13-04-2018 18:20 | By backofthequeue

...when even Council candidates see green space as ripe for commercial development. That’s an emphatic No vote from me!

Must be privately funded

Posted on 13-04-2018 17:00 | By Angels

With our current council and their HUGE ability to spend $$$ recklessly. I sure hope they do not try to fund this as well.This should be done with private funds. With all these brilliant idea,s I,m sure there will be a line up of businesses trying to buy ,build these projects.We have a very spend crazy council and with it comes more and more spend crazy ideas.We are only a very small city with only a few to fund these wild and outlandish ideas for a small city


Posted on 13-04-2018 16:42 | By Chookymac

Add to all that at the Mount.The TCC offices

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