Pilot Bay one way: yes or no?

An artist’s impression of one-way traffic along Pilot Bay.

A proposal to trial a one-way traffic system along Pilot Bay is being put to the community for feedback.

Tauranga City Council is proposing that The Mall would be converted to a single one-way lane heading towards Mauao.

The one-way lane would start on Salisbury Avenue near Victoria Road and end at the Adams Avenue/Maunganui Road roundabout.

It would be wide enough for buses and boat trailers, with parallel car parking on either side.

A two-way ‘cruise way’ would be installed along the beach side of The Mall, separated from traffic and parking.

The cruise way is similar to a cycle lane, but can also be used by people riding scooters and skateboards.

Tauranga City Council’s transportation manager Martin Parkes says the trial is consistent with other work that the council is doing to make it safer and easier for people to move around the city.

Martin says the proposal came about after ongoing conversations and public submissions from members of the Mount Maunganui community.

“The Bike Mount group proposed a high level concept last year, and this year a community petition with over 200 signatures supporting a one-way system was presented to the Transport Committee.

“The trial been driven by the local community. We’re asking ask for wider public feedback before taking it any further. We appreciate that this is potentially a big change for this area.”

People can give their feedback by visiting www.tauranga.govt.nz/oneway on the council’s website.

Letters are being sent to residents and a community drop in day is planned for Wednesday 9 May, 3 – 6pm at the Mauao Performing Arts Centre in Totara Street. Feedback closes on 16 May.

The Transport Committee will make a final decision in June about whether to proceed with the trial. Feedback form and more information about the trial


Testing 1,2,3

Posted on 24-04-2018 16:24 | By wazzock

Lets give it a go - it’s a trial, just to see if it works. Fantastic if it does, and an opportunity to learn if things doesn’t work out as hoped for.

That magic word again

Posted on 24-04-2018 14:21 | By maildrop

Cyclists. It only needs murmuring and the green light goes on. Money no object.

You must be kidding!

Posted on 24-04-2018 14:02 | By Chris Lee

For residents at the West end of the Mount exiting from the area is almost impossible already. A one way system along the Mall would make it much worse and the grid lock at peak times would be monumental.Anyway, I thought the intrusive board walk along Pilot Bay was supposed to be shared space for cyclists, wheelchairs, and pedestrians.Stop with the experimenting!

Yes, but

Posted on 24-04-2018 12:38 | By waiknot

One way yes, but use the extra space for extra parking. You could make angle parking.

parallel parking?

Posted on 24-04-2018 09:33 | By maybelle

Surely angle parking would be not only safer but provide more parks for beachgoers, as people with young families and beach gear would be exiting cars into oncoming traffic and bikes etc, ,there is a boardwalk one side, and footpath the other, maybe the cycle lane could be put on the roadside of the Norfolk pines, hence leaving plenty of grass area AND road space

I'm all for it

Posted on 24-04-2018 08:48 | By tgacentral

It’s currently really dangerous riding a bike down there so a separated lane would make it much safer and reduce the number of cars doing laps searching for car parks.

Oh Yeah..

Posted on 24-04-2018 08:26 | By Marshal

Why does everything have to be constantly messed with.. At extreme cost, for what seems like not much benefit.. Over the last few years parking spaces are slowly disappearing around Pilot Bay.. Mooring owners are finding it harder and harder as time goes on to find a space close enough to get gear onto their boats.. I wonder what Pilot Bay will look like with no boats.. A bit bare I would think.. LOL

Sounds like a good idea

Posted on 24-04-2018 08:13 | By Angels

The scary part is the costs related to do this.Council costs are always huge and over the top.

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