Lower rates and free school buses

The city rates cap of CPI plus two per cent has been restored in LTP deliberations.

Tauranga City Councillors have decided to lower the planned rates increases and explore trialling free school buses for intermediate and secondary school pupils from Welcome Bay school pupils.

The decisions came as councillors continue with Long Term Plan deliberations this week.

The rates increase is capped at 3.8 per cent which is Consumer Price index, plus two per cent.

The note on the Tauranga City Council website states the 3.8 per cent doesn’t include the rates increase needed for a Council-led kerbside waste and recycling service, yet to be discussed in the deliberations process.

As this is the preferred option, this figure is subject to change as discussions continue.

The proposed rates increase in the draft LTP was 9.6 per cent.

The rating structure changes have been left on the table.

Councillors are going to consider the impact of the decision to restore the rates cap on the proposed changes to the Annual Uniform General Charge, and the proposed introduction of a commercial differential rate, and the proposed targeted city centre rate.

The decision supporting delivery in conjunction with the BOP Regional Council, of free school buses is part of the decision to support the ‘Balanced public transport and active mode’ programme of the Tauranga Transport Programme.

The big decision on Tuesday was voting against a museum for the second time. The first decision was in 2007 when the waterfront museum proposal was rejected by the electorate.

The library decision has been left until later in the deliberations process.


This cannot be serious????? We have 'suburb-ism????

Posted on 02-06-2018 20:53 | By Bruja

Welcome Bay kids get free school buses? Kids in other suburbs don’t???? This cannot be serious???? What do we call this then???? Racism?...nope.....Povertyism????.........???? Suburbism???? whatever it could be ’called’ it is NOT legal. If it is based solely on a geographical area then it is illegal to do that. That would be illegal under the Human Rights Act. I think the massively-overpaid, utterly-unintelligent wee boys and girls ’in charge’ need to do a really quick re-think. :O

Ever heard of a budget

Posted on 31-05-2018 19:29 | By lpm67

Instead of upping rates every year (already get increase due to rising property values and developments ie more properties to tax), try to work within current income, trim extra’s like Councillors morning treats and other non-essentials and focus on your core business.

Highly unfair

Posted on 31-05-2018 06:27 | By simple.really

That some kids get free buses and not others. Other suburbs are equally congested. Tauranga, luckily, isn’t all about Welcome Bay!


Posted on 30-05-2018 21:00 | By The Caveman

The proposed "FREE" buses will be PAID FOR by somebody ! NO doubt the Tauranga RATEPAYERS, 30% of whom are OVER 65 and are on FIXED incomes.................

Just a joke

Posted on 30-05-2018 18:28 | By dybryan

Since when is a 3.8% increase considered lower rates. It’s about time this council focused on its core business. How much more revenue is the Council gathering from the huge increase in the number of property owners paying rates? It’s about time the Council took a back step and looked at its empire building, too many unnecessary employees.

Got to smile

Posted on 30-05-2018 16:32 | By overit

I think most of you, Councillors will be gone and looking for new jobs soon.

Lower rates?

Posted on 30-05-2018 16:12 | By Crash test dummies

That isnt going to happen, it is more like an increase as usual but perhaps... if luck less that "DESIRED" by the few.


Posted on 30-05-2018 14:50 | By Capt_Kaveman

faced a legal challenge even at the above % is still to high, elections = boot them all

Lower rates and free School buses.

Posted on 30-05-2018 14:20 | By PaulM

Not sure how we can get lowering the rates and free school buses. I was taught that here was no such thing as a free anything. The ratepayers pay. And would doubt any change in traffic flows - the horses have bolted.

Good news for the free school buses

Posted on 30-05-2018 13:13 | By Lvdw

"The decision to support delivery in conjunction with the BOP Regional Council, of free school buses is part of the decision to support the ‘Balanced public transport and active mode’ programme of the Tauranga Transport Programme." Its so heartwarming to see that the Welcome Bay Transport Forum’s shouting about how the removal of the free school buses and its adverse effect on traffic patterns and congestion has been heard :-)


Posted on 30-05-2018 12:22 | By rastus

A welcome bit of news and we know the councilors who have taken this fight for the relief of ratepayers

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