Tauranga proposed begging ban bylaw approved

Tauranga City Council has approved a proposed amendment bylaw which will see begging and rough sleeping within 5m of a retail premises banned.

Council voted 6-2 in favour of the bylaw amendment at a Community and Culture Committee meeting yesterday, despite advice from legal council staff saying the bylaw would be unenforceable.

A notice of motion by committee chairman Terry Molloy in November 2017, directed city council staff to bring forward the review of the Street Use and Public Places Bylaw from 2023 to 2018, and to include consideration of prohibiting begging and rough sleeping in public places.

The committee decision was supported at an Extraordinary Council meeting on November 27, 2017.

The ban will be included in the draft Street Use and Public Places Bylaw, which is set to go out for public consultation later this year.



Posted on 13-06-2018 19:48 | By Hardman

Well done council,good decision, of course there well be the negative nannys. But I notice they do not offer any realistic options.Time to clean up our city.


Posted on 13-06-2018 16:44 | By Capt_Kaveman

bylaw which TCC has no right


Posted on 13-06-2018 16:43 | By Captain Sensible

TCC are worse than beggars....at least we have a choice with beggars. TCC just increase Rates and expect us to work harder and longer so they can take it.


Posted on 13-06-2018 15:53 | By maildrop

I agree with this 200% so it trumps your 150%.


Posted on 13-06-2018 14:43 | By jeancraven@kinect.co.nz

Good move.

Is this the answer?

Posted on 13-06-2018 13:05 | By Lvdw

And how exactly is this going to be enforced I have to wonder? By stretching our police services even more, distracting them from other, more real crimes? Its a band aid on a big gaping head wound is what it is. I agree 150% that something should be done but passing a new bylaw, is this really the only answer we can come up with??

council staff will take them into their own homes?

Posted on 13-06-2018 12:43 | By jed

Did council think this through? Police can arrest them and put them in jail. Release them, and they’re back. Arrest them again, they return... All this will do is waste police time. Really council, what is your end game here? Seems like they just don’t have brains sometimes.


Posted on 13-06-2018 12:09 | By overit

Sorry but begging is not a good look. There are organisations to cater for these people.

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