Online resource to combat litter and rubbish

A new online resource is helping to put people in touch with where and how they can get rid of their rubbish or do their recycling. File photo.

Keep New Zealand Beautiful has launched an online resource, The National Litter Hub, to provide Kiwis with a central source of litter disposal, waste minimisation and recycling information for every region of New Zealand.

KNZB created the resource to make it easier for people to find information on litter disposal and recycling facilities in their region, after the organisation’s recent survey showed 59 per cent of New Zealanders have struggled to find information about litter policies and fines.

Nearly half of Kiwis surveyed (48 per cent), also admitted they were unsure about litter disposal and recycling policies when they travel around the country.

The National Litter Hub is a centralised online platform where New Zealanders can find information on local litter and recycling facilities, infringements as well as policies and bylaws.

The website aims to make it easier for Kiwis and to find information on doing the right thing with litter and recycling, both where they live and when they’re travelling around New Zealand.

KNZB CEO Heather Saunderson says the survey echoes the feedback the organisation has been receiving from councils around New Zealand about litter information.

“In our conversations with local councils, what we’re hearing is New Zealanders are finding it difficult to find information about managing their litter, both when they’re at home and travelling around the country,” says Heather.

The National Litter Hub is also a tool for local councils to see how other regions are managing litter and recycling.

Housing comprehensive information about litter and recycling around the country has also shown the many positive processes and facilities councils are embracing to manage litter in the region.


Badly named

Posted on 22-06-2018 07:58 | By Craven Moorehead

All part of the con trick. It’s a country full of people who tag , drop litter where they stand, throw it out of the car and dump it on other property, without a care or thought. And there is zero consequence in doing so.

Speaking of rubbish

Posted on 21-06-2018 19:03 | By Neiliies

I think we need some national clean up litter days - particularly on side of roads and highways I feel quite embarrassed and undeserving of our clean green image when you see the state of some of our roadsides!


Posted on 21-06-2018 14:12 | By Chris

Visited the website, selected Tauranga. Despite the press release there is no information on how to report littering, what the bylaws are, what can/can’t be recycled or waste minimisation.

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