New aquatic centre at Memorial Park?

The current pools at Memorial Park.

The Tauranga City Council will spend $150,000 investigating the merits of a mulit-purpose aquatic and recreation centre for the city.

Memorial Park has been put up as a possible location and it could be built in four or five years.

Bays Venues, the company which operates Tauranga's aquatic facilities, indoor sports facilities, ASB arena, community halls and centres and Baypark Stadium, proposed the aquatic and recreation centre as part of the Tauranga City Council’s long term plan.

TCC has also agreed to provisional funding of $30 million, dependent on the study outcome.

The centre, or “leisure hub”, would be a multi-purpose recreation facility that could include indoor pools, courts, a fitness centre, a spa and hot pools complex and a community centre.

The feasibility study will investigate a number of issues including whether the centre could replace Memorial and Otumoetai pools, which date back to 1955 and 1968. Both will require significant investment to continue operating.

Bays Venues also made submissions to the long term plan on the establishment of a new events centre at ASB Baypark, rejuvenation of Baywave and improvements to Greerton Aquatic and Leisure Centre.  

The long term plan has budgeted $4.9 million for the development of a new multi-purpose exhibition space at ASB Baypark.

The new area will relieve growing pressure placed on ASB Arena by both sporting and commercial events. The funding is subject to a feasibility study.

Nearly $1.7million has been targeted to provide more fun activities and services for recreational swimmers at Baywave, while $1,142,700 has been set aside for renovations at the Greerton Aquatic and Leisure Centre.

The Greerton upgrade will include construction of a new entranceway, reception area and offices, and changing rooms and cubicles.

The Baywave work will focus on more spectator seating, new changing rooms, and reconfiguration of the leisure pool to free up space for recreational users.    

Bay Venues operates 24 facilities in Tauranga which are primarily used to facilitate sporting, leisure and recreation, community and cultural activities.


Nice chunk of change there.

Posted on 02-07-2018 13:14 | By Lvdw

So another huge chunk of change is being spent on yet another ’feasibility study’. How many struggling families can be fed and provided with medical care for just the investigation costs. Why don’t the council just stop for 12 months with ALL non-essential things and use the money to uplift the community. Help families out of poverty, and teach people about family planning for goodness sake! It always seems to be the poorest of poor that have 5, 6 and 7 kids. Why on earth would you have multiple kids when you can barely feed yourself? Oh wait.... they are actually a source of that elusive ’free’ money...

What next?

Posted on 29-06-2018 17:30 | By Maryfaith

No need and no money - another addition to the wish list when so much infrastructure requires urgent attention! Another ’bolt out of the blue’ as was the new ’vehicle terminal’ we were told about last week!

50m Pool

Posted on 29-06-2018 15:14 | By dookie

If this is going to be done please consider a 50m pool.


Posted on 29-06-2018 14:59 | By tabatha

Many years ago a move was made to close the pool, there were plans to cover the pool and have big cantilever doors to open in the summer time and have all year round swimming, but once again council moved against.

Heads Up Otumoetai!

Posted on 29-06-2018 13:56 | By Chris Lee

Bay Venues is already laying the ground work for closing the Otumoetai pool and this "feasibility study" for a new pool at Memorial Park is a good way of conflating the issues to facilitate that pre-determined plan. Don’t be surprised if dollar values for community amenity, local school use, and community convenience are all missing from the "study".


Posted on 29-06-2018 13:38 | By

Fully support this - will be good to use all year round.

TECT to pay?

Posted on 29-06-2018 12:46 | By Ron

Will there be an expectation that TECT pays for the new pool?

50m pool is a must

Posted on 29-06-2018 12:32 | By KarenM

Hoping that the upgrade or new aquatic centre will include a 50m pool. Tauranga would be able to host fantastic swimming, water polo and other aquatic competitions that would bring lots of money to the area. Put it to the public, I reckon the positive response would be phenomenal!

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