Alt-right speakers anger NZ Muslims

Lauren Southern and Stefan Molyneux Photo: Supplied/YouTube screen shot.

New Zealand's Muslim community is angry that two controversial alt-right speakers have been allowed to work in the country.

Lauren Southern and Stefan Molyneux were banned from speaking at Auckland Council's Bruce Mason Centre, but were today granted working visas by Immigration New Zealand.

The two Canadians are known for their Islamophobic views and the Federation of Islamic Associations of New Zealand president, Hazim Arafeh, expressed his displeasure after the visa announcement.

"This type of speech makes all Muslims of the world very, very angry.

"There's a lot of tension in the community - there's a lot of profiling of Muslims and that's not conducive to the public good."

The two speakers are used to finding themselves at the centre of controversy.

Ms Southern turned up to an event for survivors of sexual assault carrying a sign that said: "There is no rape culture in the West." She also wrote a book called Barbarians: How Baby Boomers, Immigrants and Islam Screwed my Generation.

Mr Molyneux subscribes to a conspiracy theory about a white genocide and claims that violence is caused by how women treat children.

Such views prompted Auckland Council to ban them from speaking at its venues.

But Immigration Minister Ian Lees-Galloway said they were still entitled to work here.

"The grounds on which someone can be excluded from New Zealand involve things like being involved in a terrorist organisation, being convicted of a crime or have clearly been involved in inciting violence.

"None of those applied to those two people."

Event promoter David Pellowe said moves were underway to try and secure a private venue for the two speakers but it was proving difficult.

A group of prominent New Zealanders, including former National Party leader Don Brash, formed the Free Speech Coalition after the council issued its ban.

The group yesterday filed papers in the High Court to try and get the ban overturned, and member Stephen Franks welcomed the latest decision to grant visas.

"The minister said it exactly right: You might not like something but you still defend their right to come here and say it."

The two provocateurs are currently in Australia, a trip that has not been without controversy.

Ms Southern, who arrived at an event wearing a T-shirt that read, "It's okay to be white," was billed $68,000 by Victoria Police for the extra officers that had to be deployed due for her safety.

Organisers of the New Zealand leg of the tour hope to bring the speakers across the Tasman around 3 August.



Free Speech cuts both ways.

Posted on 03-08-2018 07:55 | By mac attack

Uncomfortable? Sometimes. Inconvenient? Maybe. Necessary? Absolutely. We don’t want to morph into one of those societies where the punishment for freedom of speech/thought/religion is 100 lashes in the town square now do we? :)

Free speech and predictable tangents.

Posted on 26-07-2018 15:57 | By R. Bell

No one to my knowledge is calling for an end to free speech. However, free speech includes the responsibility to respect the rights of others. That is why Parliament has a Speaker to enforce the rules around parliamentary debate. It is why Sunlive has a moderation team. To claim that the two Canadians do not incite violence, by telling deliberate lies is disingenuous to the max. By including all Muslims by inference,in the crimes committed by a few nutters, who were mostly British born, is akin to blaming all Germans for the crimes of Hitler and co. As I recall we didn’t do that. Is race a factor? Would’t surprise me in the least. Robin Bell.

Free speech vs hurt feelings vs heads being chopped off

Posted on 25-07-2018 17:54 | By lpm67

We are a nation that allows free speech as a basic right, thats how we air our laundry and open discussion for the betterment of our society. Alot of whats said is offensive or upsetting to others but to take away that right is to suppress us and encourage rebellion. BTW I find Muslim hate crimes and political agenda highly offensive and incredibly hateful but I dont try to stop them having their say, maybe one day they’ll even say something I might agree with (you never know). Inciting violence should be banned but thats not what these people are doing, but the complainers are!

When you comment, astex

Posted on 24-07-2018 08:42 | By R. Bell

you need to get your facts correct. Unlike you "my"culture does not include fear of the unknown. This article refers to the right or otherwise, of known alt right activists coming here to spout (your word not mine) their paranoia, and deliberate provocations. If you believe that our society will benefit from their visit, say so. Personally I don’t, reason being, we are a very diverse population with all the difficulty that presents. In spite of your and others attacks on minorities we generally live in peace and mutual respect. You and the Canadian provocateurs would see an end to that. Perhaps then you will get the result you obviously fear. Robin Bell.

@ R Bell

Posted on 23-07-2018 18:48 | By astex

Which way do you want it R Bell? You have spouted for a long time about how the European has affected Maori culture by coming here. Now you seem to claim that when Western society is outnumbered the Eastern cultures will not do the same thing. Once Westerners are in the minority who knows what will happen but I guarantee that both Your and My cultures will be gone.

To 'WSTAKL ...

Posted on 22-07-2018 18:24 | By groutby

...I would like to comment on this post but I would like your explanation of ’the others’ in New Zealand think of people in Tauranga...don’t be shy, I imagine you have a small circle of aquaintances who think in a particular way, and that’s just just what are you getting at?..your answer gives us a better understanding...I don’t usually get a reply to such a request, it would however be refreshing to hear your view. Over to you...

The notion that free speech,

Posted on 22-07-2018 10:07 | By R. Bell

is intended to allow attacks on innocent sections of society is nothing short of desperate attention seeking, by the extreme right. New Zealand Muslims have never been a problem for non Muslims, ever. Yet the Canadians target this group and others as a threat to "our" civilisation. To portray their provocations as common sense, is to completely ignore the facts that one ( Southen) provokes reaction by insult in public and the other (Molyneux) constantly attacks the "family" as the cause of all society ills, and openly encourages the young to reject it. If they are the justification for the privilege of free speech, then I’m a dutch man. Robin Bell.


Posted on 21-07-2018 18:02 | By WSTAKL

These comments sum up perfectly what others in New Zealand think of people from Tauranga!

Common sense

Posted on 21-07-2018 13:17 | By Accountable

Is if you don,t agree or like what they say and do then just don,t go to any of their meetings or read any of their publications. It,s not compulsory like taxes and rates is it?

Hate speech

Posted on 21-07-2018 12:34 | By rastus

It is truly amazing that in this wonderful land we have people that are so twisted in their dogma that they cannot accept truth. All I would say to those who wish to stop free speech is - if the speech breaks our laws then please feel free to call on our excellent police force otherwise stick a sock in it!

Free Speech

Posted on 21-07-2018 12:18 | By Maryfaith

New Zealand is a land of free speech. To those who can’t handle the thoughts and opinions of others - tough, go back to where you came from! These two speakers voice the opinions of the majority of NZ’ers who don’t have the courage to speak out! I welcome them with open arms.

Common sense is no longer permitted.

Posted on 21-07-2018 11:41 | By astex

Since hearing about these two i have checked them out by viewing many of their videos online and made the following observations. There is NO hate speech involved. Neither is there Islamophobia in the content. All i can find is an individual trying to apply some common sense into an argument. They are mainly echoing the concerns of a majority of the population in regards to the PC brigades views on the world. We are NOT all the same whether we like it or not. The western world is based on Christian values and our culture relies on this fact. The interesting question is one they mention often. What happens to our western cultures when we become less than 50% of the population?

Oh no

Posted on 21-07-2018 08:57 | By Slim Shady

Speaking is very dangerous. The last thing anybody needs are very very angry Muslims. So let’s all shut up, invite different cultures in with open arms and and ask what they want in order to keep the peace. Just because in Muslim countries they burn flags and shout death to America it doesn’t mean we have to do the same.

Truth not welcome these days

Posted on 21-07-2018 08:05 | By Captain Sensible

These days, tellers of an inconvenient truth are labelled "right wingers". Can anyone tell us what is incorrect that they speak of...or just some people can’t handle the truth?

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