Tauranga buildings to go to make room for parking

Dive Crescent 16-24 will be demolished by January 2019 to create a temporary car parking area.

A row of buildings on Dive Crescent in Tauranga is set to be no more, after the Council has recommended they be levelled.

Council’s City Transformation Committee has recommended that the storage buildings on the landward side of Dive Crescent 16-24 be demolished by January 2019 to create a temporary car parking area.

The recommendation means that the street art piece 'Messenger' by Charles and Janine Williams will also need to come down by January 2019.

Council's city events manager Gareth Wallis says between March 23- 31 2017 Charles and Janine Williams created the mural because of its strong connection to the location and its history.

“The nature of street art, in combination with a growing and changing city, means that art works pop up in the most random spaces, but also that they may have to make way for potential upgrades” says Gareth.

“All outdoor murals created as part of Paradox: Tauranga Street Art Festival in 2017 have been commissioned to stay on the buildings for at least one year.”

Janine Williams says the community response to the artwork has been enduring and positive.

“We saw a huge reaction to that wall in particular and we are thankful for the opportunity,” says Janine.

“We’ve had people contacting and tagging us on social media; wedding photos, international publications and of course locals who have been there and shared their moments with the 'Messenger'.

“Our biggest narrative direction when creating the work was to honour the location and its history and that’s what we’ve seen being embraced by our local community.

“We would love to recreate another piece of the same iconic status in the future. Until then we encourage everyone to pass by, snap a photo and wish the 'Messenger' farewell.”

When the Dive Crescent storage buildings come down, 'Messenger' will have been up for over a year and a half.

Council has identified the Dive Crescent area as a key site for future development within Tauranga’s city centre.

The City Transformation Committee recommended to bring forward the demolition of the storage buildings at 16-24 Dive Crescent, so that temporary car parking can be provided while the Harington Street car parking building construction is underway, before leaving a clean and adaptable site for future development in 2021.

The council-owned and leased buildings at 10 Dive Crescent and 14 Dive Crescent (Fixation Coffee and Iron Design) are subject to an earthquake-prone building notice.

However, the City Transformation Committee has recommended not to strengthen these buildings.

The recommendation will require ratification at the full Council meeting on August 21 2018.


Yes, rastus

Posted on 09-08-2018 00:14 | By The Caveman

I very well remember the days when ’Heatons Transport’ and the ’Union shipping company’ had large warehouse operations in Dive Crescent. Our family business used Heatons Transport on a weekly basis to move goods between Tauranga and Auckland. It was a large trucking/transport operation even by today’s standards.

2 hour parking for CBD ??

Posted on 09-08-2018 00:06 | By The Caveman

Who is the Council dreamer. 20 minutes to walk into the central CBD, 20 minutes to walk back, and what about the nice wet windy days !!!

Dive Crescent

Posted on 08-08-2018 19:09 | By surfsup

The chance are the car parks will all be leased as all the new ones in Harrington Street are. The council really have no idea how to sort the mess that is the CBD out.

So true Rastus

Posted on 08-08-2018 18:55 | By Chookymac

You are sooo right re Heatons also Guinness Bros.They had their own Railway siding behind that building.That area of Tga was a busing commercial area.I must admit we have elected some real tossers

Quick money earner thank you very much?

Posted on 08-08-2018 14:35 | By Lvdw

So what are the chances it is going to be free timed parking - umh, none. And Chookymac, imho all the so-called planner currently employed or on retainer with TCC should be dragged into the street and flogged. They are making a right royal cockup of most things of late. It seems that the powers of logic no longer exist.


Posted on 08-08-2018 13:23 | By jed

In years from now, people will be laughing at why the current council installed a carpark in such a great location.


Posted on 08-08-2018 12:44 | By rastus

It seems to be a bit of a shame that the actual ’real’ history of this part of Dive crescent has not even been mentioned. While the very recent artwork may well be commendable it pales into historical relevance when compared to the nerve centre that this part of Dive crescent was in years past - when the rail and the wharf opposite were the most important links for Tauranga to the rest of the country. Names such as ’Heatons Transport’ ’Union shipping company’ are just two of the important names that built the city as we know it today - names I for one, would hope will live on when others mentioned in the above story are long forgotten.

I agree Chookymac...

Posted on 08-08-2018 10:16 | By Border Patrol

..these councillors don’t install much confidence. The Dive Crescent area could be awesome for Tauranga. The proposed university marine research centre could be located where the Cargo Shed is (closer to town, students, next to deep water, wharves etc). IF a museum became a reality, it could also be located in the same area for the same reasons. But, somehow you get the feeling it’ll end up a hotch potch of ideas cobbled together, a bit like the Tauranga CBD is now.


Posted on 08-08-2018 09:38 | By Chris

Nothing says "progressive city of the future" like great swathes of paving reserved for people to put their cars.

Not Again Larry

Posted on 08-08-2018 08:49 | By tabatha

Larry will not be content until he has name in lights over something in Tauranga. Perhaps a little corner in Pyes Pa could be called Baldock Park and then he maybe content, not likely, he sees money and spends it especially when it is provided by people who elected him to the Tauranga City Council. I would love to know how often he talks to a mixed range of electors, not his rich pushy mates.

Not him again

Posted on 08-08-2018 07:08 | By Chookymac

We hear that Larry Baldock is involved again with this.Every thing this man has any thing to do with is (and I will put it nicely ) cocked up as per a lot of things the city council has been involved in of late,I think some resignations are call for re Bella Vista etc not excluding the Mayor

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