Tauranga postal services about to change

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Tauranga residents can expect a change to postal services around the city.

In a statement released earlier this week, New Zealand Post has announced the closures of both its Bayfair and Greerton branches.

As a way to continue to provide postal services to the community that up to now have been provided by Bayfair Mall NZ Post and Kiwibank, the organisation is also partnering with Girven Road Pharmacy in Bayfair from October 4.

To cover services in Greerton, a partnership has also been formed with Unichem Greerton Pharmacy at 221 Chadwick Road, who will take over postal services from October 8.

NZ Post Head of Retail Mark Yagmich says in each location the PO Box lobby will remain unchanged.

“Bayfair customers will be able to collect oversize and signature required items from Girven Road Pharmacy rather than the existing Bayfair Mall branch.”

Similarly oversized items, postal services and bill payments will also be handled from Unichem Greerton Pharmacy.

“Until these dates there will be no changes to postal products and services and the box lobby offered at Bayfair Mall NZ Post & Kiwibank, and Greerton NZ Post and Kiwibank,” says Mark.

The postal services currently available at Tauranga NZ Post and Kiwibank in Cameron Rd, Tauranga, will be moved to nearby agencies, including Paper Plus Tauranga, Cherrywood Variety Store, Paper Plus Bethlehem and Unichem Brookfield Pharmacy.

“While we understand this is a change in how people will access postal services, which we recognize are essential to the community, we are having to make these changes in order to operate a commercially sustainable business.
“This model of working with local agents is more financially sustainable for NZ Post, in an ever-changing mix of postal services usage - the decline of mail, versus the increase in parcel services. It’s also good for the local businesses we work with as it provides additional business for them and more customers coming through their doors to pick up a parcel or send a postcard.

“NZ Post provides postal services through local businesses in this way in many of our over 880 postal outlets throughout New Zealand, as a way of being financially sustainable in the face of letter decline.”

The announcement has been met with much strife from those within affected communities.

Meanwhile, one Greerton businessman shared his disapproval to SunLive about the changes earlier this week.

He says he's frustrated over the changes and believes it will be a sore loss, particularly to the elderly community of Greerton.



Posted on 10-09-2018 10:26 | By Lvdw

They really should look at the demographics of the people who still user postal services. They are indeed running themselves out of business. Holy cow. Its not rocket science.

One Word - Pathetic

Posted on 09-09-2018 16:05 | By Mommatum

Because that is what NZ Post is being. Closing dedicated branches in centralised locations accessible also by public transport in favour of “agencies” will make it more difficult for the elderly, those with disabilities or who don’t have cars. I’m in that latter group and have often posted Trade Me items from the Bayfair NZ Post branch. It’s just as well Paper Plus in Tauranga is an accessible postal agent otherwise I’d be up the creek without a post office. It’s not the customers’ fault that NZ Post failed to plan ahead with the advent of PCs and email, yet we’re paying the price. Meanwhile NZ Post increases costs, reduces services and wonders why it continues to lose customers. Pathetic is putting it mildly. NZ Post’s attitude to their loyal support base is an utter disgrace.

Seems to me

Posted on 08-09-2018 21:08 | By The Caveman

That NZ POST is just running itself OUT of business, quicker than you can say Jack Flash !! What they have NOT aid is that at these "replacement agencies" You will, NOT be able to pay the rego for your car, and ANY other NZTA transactions, you will NOT be able to pay your POWER bill, you will NOT be able to get passports photos ETC, ETC, ETC. They will just be BUY A STAMP counters. !!!!

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