Tauranga residents wake to find alpaca mauled

Warning: SunLive has been supplied CCTV footage of the dog attack. We warn that the footage may disturb some viewers.

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An animal owner at Barkes Corner is mourning the loss of his last alpaca, after he found it mauled to death this morning in his paddock.

This is the second time in the space of a month that the owner has been the victim of a dog attack. 

The owner lives in the Pyes Pa area, and a security camera that he placed after the first attack captured another one at 12.20 this morning.

“They must have been pretty big dogs because she (the alpaca) wasn’t small and they came up to her thigh,” says the distressed owner.

“You can see that they are trained, like a pig dog, so it’s somebody’s pets that they have spent a lot of time training and are just letting them roam.

“To be honest, it’s horrendous. The dogs went over to my neighbour’s property and killed one of their ewes as well. So that is all of their ewes gone now.”

The loss of the alpaca has been heart-breaking for the family, as the animals were pets. Both of the alpacas were rescued and the llama was rescued from the animal park.

He says they were meant to be living out their days in peace, not ragged around by two dogs.

He hopes to find the owner of the dogs and says that he will be taking the owner to court.

“They’ve got to pay compensation at least and I want their dogs put down. You can’t have two vicious dogs like that roaming the streets, and at 12 o’clock at night they should be inside a kennel or inside a house,” says the owner.

After the first attack, alongside some dog wardens, they set up a kennel with some bait to try and trap the dogs if they were to come back. They put some meat in and the meat has been there ever since.

“They aren’t going for the meat, they are going for the chase.”

He is also worried that children could be next.

“If some kid is running down the street on his scooter or whatever, these dogs are going to think it’s a game, and the kids are going to be next,” he says.

If you recognise these dogs, the owner is urging you to come forward.

“As much as the dog wardens are trying to catch the dogs, without somebody coming forward saying ‘that’s my neighbour’s dogs’ or ‘my neighbour’s dogs came home covered in blood’ they can’t do much,” he says.

“The amount of blood that was on the grass this morning around where my alpaca was, was horrendous, there was loads of it so these dogs must be covered in blood.”

“Somebody has got to have some information, because the dog wardens can’t do anything without information. The wardens have taken all the DNA samples that they can, so if they do have a suspicious dog they can take a DNA sample of it, and match the DNA. But without somebody coming forward, what else can we do?”

“The video footage shows it all. At 12.20am they were chasing my alpaca up and down. What’s stopping then from coming back and taking the rest of my sheep? If it was another dog there would be somebody screaming about it.”

“I’m just furious, I haven’t got the words, but somebody needs to pay, somebody needs to take responsibility for this. The dogs knew what they were doing. They’ve been trained by somebody and that person needs to be held responsible.”

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When you're ready...

Posted on 09-10-2018 19:40 | By TNH

I rescued three Alpaca last week from "target practice". Once you have sorted the dog situation I’d be happy to re-home these guys to you :-)

Shoot them

Posted on 08-10-2018 17:32 | By About that

These dogs are obviously a menace. Given the damage they have done and the fact they have killed more than once, shoot them before they do any more damage

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