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Work to upgrade the Cargo Shed have stopped.

It stands proudly on a prime piece of Tauranga waterfront real estate, while all around it debate has raged over its future.

It’s the Cargo Shed in Dive Crescent. It’s a fine bit of yesteryear architecture,  looks in great nick but because it would be vulnerable in an earthquake, it seems it’s not worth saving.  

The icon may disappear from the cityscape and it’s all about cost.

After geotechnical assessments, Tauranga City Council has decided that upgrades of the shed won’t be continued.

Results of the assessment show the Cargo Shed would be “susceptible during seismic events”.

“It would need extensive foundation improvements to stabilise the property and reduce the risk during a seismic event,” says a statement from the council.

“It would also need significant structural improvement to bring it up to modern standard.”

TCC says due to the cost involved, it will not continue with the upgrades to the shed. And the Cargo Shed is now closed to further bookings.”

The future of the Dive Crescent area remains up in the air.

Any development is first dependent on the council and the Otamataha Trust acquiring legal title to the land from the Crown.

“Once the title has been transferred to the Council and the Trust, the future of the area can be fully explored.”


2 things to remember

Posted on 16-11-2018 15:18 | By voice1

all new buildings become historical as they age. nothings lasts forever.


Posted on 14-11-2018 19:26 | By Chookymac

Me thinks that the TCC is just testing the depth of the water.I hope all of you show them that it is Bloody deep

Who pays?

Posted on 14-11-2018 17:45 | By Murray.Guy

"Any development is first dependent on the council and the Otamataha Trust acquiring legal title to the land from the Crown." Is the TRUST meeting it’s partner obligations and meeting half of the costs associated with processes? Last we heard the Crown wanted $1 million for the land at %10 of it’s actual value. If the Otamataha Trust had a legitimate interest in the land (reclamation) why was it NOT included in ’Treaty Settlement’ processes and outcomes?

many many years ago

Posted on 14-11-2018 17:18 | By hapukafin

I stand corrected but I recall that the council had declared many years ago it was a earthquake risk..Theres not a lot to fall over in there that we are in a low risk area and this building is still standing.


Posted on 14-11-2018 15:45 | By Wonkytonk

God to see this place come down, i mean really historical! its a shed and look like one too. needs an upgrade, have you been inside!

Oh no..

Posted on 14-11-2018 14:42 | By Marshal

Why don’t they just come out and say , It is a leaky building. That’s worked all the time in the past. LOL.!!

Well now....

Posted on 14-11-2018 14:17 | By Border Patrol

...isn’t that just convenient how the "geotechnical assessments" have played into the councils hands!

TCC politics.

Posted on 14-11-2018 13:41 | By morepork

They can’t just come out and say they have plans for development of the site because they know there’d be a public outcry. So instead the ridiculous bullshit about it being a danger during an Earthquake is being used to let it get dilapidated to the point where it is an eyesore, thus lowering resistance to its demolition, and there can be no opposition if the experts say it would require too much work to make it safe during an earthquake. The FACT is that there is NO SUCH THING as an earthquake-proof building. The best we can do is use better designs to help them withstand the most usual intensity of shock the area normally undergoes. If it falls down during an earthquake... fair enough, but even if it WAS brought "up to standard" there is no guarantee that it STILL won’t fall down during an earthquake.

Demolition experts

Posted on 14-11-2018 12:31 | By Told you

The council should start a new business as they are experts in Demolition.

Gang of vandals!!

Posted on 14-11-2018 11:05 | By Maryfaith

“It would also need significant structural improvement to bring it up to modern standard.” Where would the great cities of the world be if their councils had the same thoughts about their historic buildings? TCC is a gang of vandals! Thank you Catherine Stewart - a pity more of our pathetic councillors did not share your views in this matter - and indeed, on most council matters!

Leave it alone

Posted on 14-11-2018 10:26 | By earlybird

Tauranga is sadly lacking in historical buildings so please don’t get rid of any more. I remember the same arguement used to get rid of Coronation Pier on the waterfront and then watched as powerfull machines struggled to knock it down.

Request for matter to come to Council

Posted on 14-11-2018 09:53 | By Catherine Stewart

For transparency and understanding the issues I have asked for this matter to come to a Council meeting. Catherine Stewart Tauranga City Councillor

Replace with what

Posted on 14-11-2018 07:46 | By Chookymac

Tarmac-Parking.Thats about all this City Council can think of.Pull down the history of the City and replace it with whatever they have not had the brains to build as the city has expanded

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