’Look out for each other’ NZ Police plea

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New Zealand Police are asking road users to pay attention and make safe decisions after a tragic weekend for motorcyclists, with four riders being killed in three crashes.

All three crashes are being investigated by the Serious Crash Unit and Superintendent Steve Greally, National Manager Road Policing says it is too early to make any comment on how or why the crashes occurred.

“However, with variable weather conditions across New Zealand today, our plea to all road users is to pay attention and make safe decisions.

“All road users need to be in a position to react quickly and safely is someone makes a mistake in front of you.”

Steve says they need motorcyclists not to take risks.

“Going too fast for the conditions or undertaking unsafe passing manoeuvres can have tragic consequences, both for riders and those sharing the road with them.

“And other motorists also have a part to play, we know motorbikes can be hard to see, so all drivers should be looking twice at intersections and before changing lanes.

“Too many people have lost family members and loved ones this weekend already. Regardless of whether you’re on a motorbike or in a car, if you’re out on the road today, please look out for each other so no more lives are lost unnecessarily,” says Steve.


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