Bridges kicked out of House

Opposition leader Simon Bridges has been kicked out of the House after asking the prime minister if she was ducking for cover over the Karel Sroubek "fiasco".

During Question Time, National leader Simon Bridges was asking Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern a series of questions relating to the case of the jailed drug smuggler.

He asked when Sroubek would leave the country and if she believed there would now be a long court case.

He asked if she had entirely washed her hands of anything to do with the Sroubek fiasco and if she was ducking and diving to get out of his way.

Speaker Trevor Mallard then told him to leave the house and also asked Shadow leader of the house Gerry Brownlee to leave.

It is understood Bridges said: "Here comes the protection".

As Bridges left, Nick Smith said loudly, "talk about bullying".

The opposition side of the House is now almost empty as MPs followed their leader in an act of solidarity.

Education Minister Chris Hipkins said Bridges wasn't kicked out for the question, it was an off mic comment to the speaker, he said. 


What a carry on

Posted on 05-12-2018 20:20 | By roseh

Wasn’t it national that let this fellow stay here in the first place" Oh they do have short memories. Why didn’t they kick him, out long ago?


Posted on 05-12-2018 18:23 | By Told you

He deserved to be kicked out if he is disrespectful to the Speaker,his line of questioning was out of order, accusing the Prime Minister of ducking for cover.

Like ...

Posted on 05-12-2018 17:42 | By penguin

...little children who don’t like being told off! It’s been coming for quite a while.


Posted on 05-12-2018 16:15 | By Marshal

That’s why the magic number was 7%. And most likely dropping. lol

The sooner the better

Posted on 05-12-2018 15:59 | By Merlin

The sooner the better the National do something about petulant Simon Bridges the better he keeps going down in the polls and is not endearing the party I supported to me.I just don’t know what they stand for anymore as Simon thinks he is the prosecutor of everything in the house.


Posted on 05-12-2018 15:28 | By nerak

it was an off mic comment which saw him kicked out. Watching his performance is enough to dull the senses.

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