Four arrested after Tauranga police chase

Police spiked the stolen vehicle at the intersection of Bethlehem and Carmichael roads this morning. File photo.

Four people are facing charges after a police chase through Tauranga this morning.

At about 5am, police spotted a stolen vehicle being driven in Tauranga.

“The vehicle failed to stop for police units,” says a police spokesperson.

“It was spiked at Bethlehem and Carmichael roads. The driver kept driving losing rubber off tyres and then rammed another vehicle on Alverstone Rd.”

Police say there were no reports of injuries to the driver of the other vehicle.

“The driver (of the alleged offending vehicle) then tried reversing and crashed into another vehicle and eventually came to a stop.”

Police arrested four people from within the vehicle.  

“This vehicle is linked to petrol drive offs and burglary of liquor store.

“The driver will be facing charges of failing to stop for red and blue flashing lights and other driving related charges.”





Posted on 14-12-2018 07:39 | By Pete KELLY

But these guys will only get a slap on the wrist so leave them alone.. the Law’s an ass.. not worth the chase??!!


Posted on 13-12-2018 20:29 | By groutby

....dumbkof2, let’s hope not.....we need to send some strong ’signals’ that this sort of s**t is NOT acceptable, even if ’Mummy and Daddy’ have failed them in not taking responsibility....


Posted on 13-12-2018 11:00 | By dumbkof2

just another wet paper bag court case

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