Teenagers charged following police pursuit

Photo and video by Cameron Avery.

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Two teenagers have appeared in Tauranga District Court today and have been charged with offences relating to a theft of a car, resulting in a police chase last night.

Police attempted to pull over a stolen vehicle on Fifteenth Ave in Tauranga at around 9.20pm.

The driver fled and police followed them up and around to Welcome Bay.

A police spokesperson says they were successfully spiked at the intersection of Welcome Bay Road and Te Puke Highway,

“The car continued on until the vehicle stopped on State Highway 2 at about 9.55pm

“The driver and four passengers were taken into custody.”

A 17 and 18-year-old were charged with offences relating to the theft and use of the vehicle.


How many?

Posted on 17-01-2019 18:44 | By clingon

"The driver fled and police followed them"... I suggest the driver did not stop the car and tried to evade police taking the 4 passengers and vehicle with him.I thought the article meant that the driver did a runner and covered a huge amount of ground which is quite unusual for a thief. Don’t steal from other people, and don’t run from police: they don’t like it and most of the time you will get caught, but then the courts deal out some sort of token punishment- bring back the stocks I say, down town Tauranga opposite the pubs and restaurants on a Friday night. A bit of public humiliation might prevent them from doing it again...


Posted on 17-01-2019 12:46 | By dumbkof2

more wet paper bag punishment comming up


Posted on 17-01-2019 12:44 | By overit

Throw the book at these idiots. The latest trend!

Sign of the times unfortunately

Posted on 17-01-2019 12:37 | By Lvdw

Yes, its a sign of the times. Teenagers and young adults think they can get away with it so flee the police. And too often they are then heralded ’heros’ or ’angels’ - no they are NOT! They are young criminals. Police do their jobs and are admonished for it. I say lock up the little s**(s. Teach them to obey the law and if parents start teaching their children respect there wouldnt be as many issues.

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