Carpark to close while repairs take place

The highlighted yellow is roughly equivalent to the area being resurfaced.

The Strand carpark is set to undergo some repairs, with some night works taking place.

The night works will start at 8pm, depending on the weather.

Tauranga City Council Transportation Manager Martin Parkes says the works at The Strand Carpark are a continuation of the asphalt resurfacing works carried out last year.

“Asphalt surfacing will be an improvement on the existing chipseal because it provides a smoother, more durable surface that does not have issues associated with chipseal such as loose chip or sticky bitumen.

“The car park will not be available between the hours of 8pm on Thursday January 31 and 6am Friday February 1, whilst work is being undertaken.”

The Strand Carpark first started getting resealed back in November 2018.

Due to weather conditions, markings for the carpark wasn’t able to be redone, meaning people using the carpark the next morning parked all over the place.


Common Sense

Posted on 01-02-2019 09:25 | By Told you

It appears that the council has no common sense 1 why hot mix, 2. why Thursday night 3. park only temporary. This council lurchs from one bad decision to another it’s never ending roll on October.


Posted on 31-01-2019 23:31 | By The Caveman

Use chipseal or sticky bitumen to start with if it was KNOWN to be a SUB STANDARD product for the required job. WHO got a backhander for the original CHEAP job ???

More Council misinformation or desperate to get rid of excess of funds in the budget

Posted on 31-01-2019 16:23 | By Murray.Guy

I read the story but nowhere can I identify that any actual repairs are taking place. Previous advice by staff to validate not using hot mix on our roads has been that it is 9 times more expensive and can only be validated where there is excessive noise and or wear issues. It makes absolutely no sense on the information provided to spend obscene amounts of money on hot mixing a car park and one that council have also previously acknowledged is only temporary.

No Common Sense

Posted on 31-01-2019 15:50 | By dybryan

What is wrong with our Council? Common sense should tell them that Thursday night is a busy night on the Strand. Monday night would be the obvious time to carry out resealing work. I bet no one from the Council consulted business owners in the area before deciding to close the car park on a Thursday night.

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