Second serious crash on SH2 near Tauranga

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UPDATED: Police are attending the scene of a serious three-vehicle crash at the intersection of State Highway 2 and Wairoa Road.

Two people were seriously injured in the crash, which occurred at about 4pm.

Another person has moderate injuries, and a fourth person has minor injuries, says a police spokesperson.

"State Highway 2 is completely blocked just west of the Wairoa Bridge.

"Diversions are being put in place; however, motorists should avoid the area as the closure will be in place for some time and there will be significant delays."

At the scene?

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A three car crash has closed SH2 in both directions.

A witness at the scene told SunLive "Road is blocked in both direction, diversion via Wairoa Road at State Highway 29. All emergency vehicles on scene"

SunLive will update this as more information comes in...


Sorry, Bay Citizen

Posted on 05-02-2019 21:17 | By Centurion

But one of the first rules of the road is that you drive to the prevailing conditions. You say ’ frustration’ appears to be a major factor, I say stupidity on the part of too many drivers who are unable to recognise and drive to those conditions. Cheers


Posted on 04-02-2019 09:59 | By Bay Citizen

Two reasons astex: i) we all make mistakes and our lane control isn’t perfect. However, with 20,000 vehicles per day on this section of road and rising, the chances of minor lapses being savagely punished are increasingly high. ii) There are very few places to pass. Combined with the large numbers of trucks/campervans/tourists/elderly drivers/agricultural vehicles all driving rather slowly, this is a dangerous mix that encourages reckless overtaking from sheer frustration. We really do need the road four laned as National had proposed. This will separate oncoming traffic and make overtaking easy and safe.

I wonder

Posted on 04-02-2019 08:48 | By nerak

if anyone is keen to blame the road?

Anyone noticed

Posted on 03-02-2019 18:27 | By astex

How many of these accidents happen where there are double yellow lines. Why are drivers crossing them?


Posted on 03-02-2019 17:56 | By Thinker

Three serious accidents S H 2 this week. Maybe Mr. Twyford could organise some more skittles to make our road safer.

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