Kid embrace being heart and bike wise

Greerton Village Kindergarten students are promoting heart health and bike safety this month.

Greerton Village Kindergarten are setting the standard this month.

The staff and children have combined bike wise month and healthy heart month to keep themselves healthy and safe.

Teacher Cherry Wallace-Mapp is excited for the children to learn valuable life skills throughout the month.

“Last year we talked about lunch boxes and how to promote healthy food, and we looked into that more and discovered the healthy heart program run by the heart foundation, so we decided to kick that off this year.

“The healthy eating then lead to talking about physical fitness and we discovered that it was bike wise month in February also, so we linked it up with bike riding which our kids absolutely love doing.

“We want to find ways to keep ourselves healthy in many different ways.”

During the month, the children will participate in educational activities, learning valuable lessons at a young age to promote healthy habits.

“We are doing weekly bike rides and a lot of teaching on healthy eating.

“On February 13, we have invited Ryan from Vanquish Cycle Shop to talk to us on how to be safe on our bikes.

“Jane, the local representative for the Heart Foundation is coming in to give advice on heart health and is providing us with resources.”

Cherry and the staff at Greerton Village Kindergarten are proactive and promoting hands on learning.

“We have our own veggie garden, so we are constantly educating the children on what we grow.

“If we start teaching them now, they’ll have those skills for life.”

Cherry says that the children are very excited to start the term off with fun activities.

“We have sorted the gardens and freshened them up.

“We’ve kicked off this year with a blast!”


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