Biggest and brightest Supermoon for the year

There's a supersized Supermoon coming, and it could the biggest and brightest we see this year.

February's Full Moon rises early on Wednesday February 20. It coincides with the moon being at its perigee, a point in the moon's orbit when its closest to earth, creating a Supermoon.

According to Mentalfloss, this time the moon will be as close as it ever gets to earth, making it appear 14 per cent larger and 30 per cent brighter than at any other time.

Weather permitting, the massive astronomical spectacle should be visible for two or three days either side of Wednesday morning, with early Wednesday morning being the biggest, brightest point.

According to USA Today, because of the time of year in the US, the event is called the snow moon, a Native American nickname to the monthly events, like harvest moon for September and strawberry moon in June and sturgeon moon in August, giving it the full name Super Snow Moon.

Another Supermoon is expected on March 21, but will not be as large or bright as this one.

In January, US lunar watchers were treated to a Super Blood Wolf Moon, when the Supermoon event coincided with a partial eclipse of the moon giving it a bloody appearance during the "wolf moon" month.

The event was not fully visible in New Zealand, however the Super New Moon is likely to be as large and bright for us as it is will be to the US.


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