Power cut across Tauranga as sparks light up night

Night sky lights up in Ohauiti. Videos: Teesh Stock & Ryan Bentley. Photo: Ashley Bogun

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11.30pm Update: Power has now been restored to more than 3200 homes across Tauranga after an unexpected power cut this evening.

There are still 52 properties in Hairini without power. PowerCo have updated their information about the power cut, which was caused by damaged equipment. Power is expected to be restored to the remaining houses by 3.25am.


Power is out to more than 3000 properties in Tauranga  this evening.

Around 3291 homes are powerless following reports of a transformer in Ohauiti being blown about 10.13pm, Wednesday night. 

An Ohauiti resident saw the neighbourhood light up on Poike Road near Egmont St.

"The top of the power pole lit up in sparks, the entire neighbourhood was bright. The brightness extended so far cops turned up before anyone even rang them. It went on for about 15 seconds.

"Literally everyone came out of their houses. Fire trucks are now out there. People are saying that two went off."

Nikki Bollen also reported two going off.

"There were two - one in Awaiti St, and one in Egmont St. Both blew up at the same time. Egmont St one was huge!" says Nikki.

Teesh Stock was sitting on a friend's balcony on Egmont Street when the sky lit up. She caught it on video.

"It was a power station or something, there was a loud buzzing sound and then a few loud bangs and then that happened," says Teesh. "Fire crews were there when I was driving home." 

A Welcome Bay resident also reported seeing the glow in the sky from the end of Welcome Bay.

Residents in Ohauiti are reporting that there is no power outage around Egmont St, however there are reports coming in to SunLive that Tauriko is experiencing a power outage.

Power is expected to be restored by 3.13am.

At the scene?

Call 0800 SUNLIVE or email photos to newsroom@thesun.co.nz 

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