The NZ way of life

In the aftermath of the Christchurch shootings, caused by a white guy with distorted views of the world, one has to wonder about a few things.

I’m concerned that Jacinda Ardern visited some Muslim people in Christchurch dressed like a Muslim woman.

I’m concerned that the Crusaders rugby team based in Christchurch is considering a name change, so as not to offend Muslims.

Also, the owner of Gun City is coming under increasing pressure to remove advertising signs. These are all knee-jerk reactions in my opinion.

These Muslim people have come to NZ to settle down and live in peace. I don’t blame them for wanting to, but it’s them that should adapt to the NZ traditional way of life.

It’s tragic that an idiot got hold of a semi-automatic rifle and ammo and was able to cause carnage inside a Mosque.

But the PC brigade, along with socialist lefties, are making the situation worse by watering down the traditional NZ way of life.

P Kelly, Te Puna.

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Well said P. Kelly

Posted on 25-03-2019 14:55 | By Maryfaith

Couldn’t have put it better myself!! I am sure 90% of us Kiwis are of the same mind! If I say anymore it may be regarded as ’hate speech’ - whatever that is!! ??

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