Greerton one of four projects reviewed by council

The traffic lights in Greerton the day before they were due to go live.

Greerton Village traffic safety improvements is one of four high profile projects Tauranga City Council has reviewed as either the delivery or final result did not meet community expectations.

Of the four projects, three were council led, Greerton Village traffic safety improvements, the development of the former Phoenix Carpark and the design of Kulim Park, and the fourth was the Mount Maunganui Surf Lifesaving Club’s clubroom replacement.

An independent reviewer, Max Pederson, a former Local Government Chief Executive, was asked to determine why these projects did not meet the expectations of the public or key stakeholders and recommend improvements for future projects.

Mayor Greg Brownless believes that good project management and engagement is essential for the community to have confidence and satisfaction with Council activities.

“The review found several common issues across the projects in relation to delivery and engagement and Council has been provided with recommendations for organisational improvements.”

Improvements to address the recommendations of the review are underway, including:

  •   •  structural reorganisation towards a community and customer service focus

  •   •  development of an Infrastructure Project Lifecycle process to ensure better project reviews, at appropriate milestones, with relevant project stakeholders

  •   •  linking cost estimate and scope review to consultation

  •   •  an independent review of the communications and engagement functions within Council.

In addition to the above, and in response to feedback about the Greerton Village improvements, Council has engaged an independent road traffic engineering firm to provide options for improving traffic efficiency on Cameron Road through to Greerton Village.

The focus of this review will be the Chadwick Road roundabout and associated crossings. The output will be a high-level assessment including potential options for consideration.

Another independent road traffic engineering firm has also been engaged to look at improvements that can be made to the Welcome Bay Road and Welcome Bay Lane network, with the specific purpose of opening up Welcome Bay Lane to general traffic.

Staff will provide updates on these improvements to the Projects, Services and Operations Committee as early as May this year.

“We want to reassure our community we are listening to them and that we are focused on delivering community projects that meet their needs,” says Greg.

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Who ever created the fiasco at Greerton

Posted on 21-04-2019 14:59 | By local yokel

Who ever created the fiasco around Greerton had no idea of pedestrian safety or traffic management and they have created the biggest bottleneck in Tauranga. Because they decided to one lane Cameron Road from the first roundabout through Greerton up to Barkes Corner they have now created a major gridlock during rush hour times with traffic sometimes backed up to the Gate Pa Anglican Church . At least when it was 2 lane emergency units could get through as the Public moved over into the other lane to let them through. To the council, Get Real and let real experts do the job instead of our councillors who couldnt design their way out of a paper bag. Roll on Council election time..The curbing down the middle of Chadwick road is also another big mistake causing more gridlock because cars cant turn around to park.

Humble Pie

Posted on 13-04-2019 09:39 | By So Tired

Someone is going to have to swallow their pride when all that work in Greerton has to be undone or altered. Who should foot the bill/s here? Certainly not the rate paying public....we’ve already paid! A public apology for the absolute mess that has been made of all these projects might be in order too.


Posted on 13-04-2019 08:52 | By Calm Gully

It was an expert who designed it originally??? $$$ It needed lights at the original crossing, who would move a crossing close to a roundabout??? Who would make one lane when two are required, some cars can just flow around the corner, not have to queue behind cars travelling Left, straight and right and then STOP for lights??? Stop spending more money on experts, just use common sense. Tauroundabout is the new city name. Just use common sense!


Posted on 13-04-2019 06:39 | By Kancho

I have yet to find anyone that thinks the work done in Greerton is an improvement. In fact traffic flow is far worse and adds considerable time and frustration to travel and shopping in Greerton. All that was needed was the original pedestrian crossing to be controlled. That Chadwick road roundabout is now single Lane means traffic entering or leaving Cameron road are impeded. Safer maybe as everything is much slower. An expensive failed experiment. Wish they had tried the theory with temporary installation and not the current one literally set in concrete . Through Greerton to Barkes corner can now take twenty minutes. Well done council! Traffic taking to the side roads to try and avoid it all too!


Posted on 12-04-2019 19:58 | By groutby

....I can only agree with davey rich, and, with no ’tongue in cheek’ whatsoever here, ..just how do we get TCC to allow and pay for (at ratepayer expense) competent decisions even before they go to the engineering stage?...and...I would like a less ’flowery’ set of reviews mentioned above..we should look to, and expect to get it right the FIRST time..shouldn’t we?


Posted on 12-04-2019 19:55 | By Blasta


Think before Action!

Posted on 12-04-2019 19:05 | By Ady

What idiots dream of these ideas? It was obvious to all (not employed by council) that diverting all traffic to the Chadwick Road roundabout was going to have a serious effect to the flow of traffic. It’s the same with all the roading schemes being completed around town. No thought of the consequences to making I’ll informed changes. Stop wasting money and invest in proper design consultation.

Same idiots

Posted on 12-04-2019 18:37 | By Angel74

who thought a tunnel in welcome bay and closing Hairini street was a good idea, about time they stepped away from their computers and a had a look at what a balls up they have created!!

Councillors don't care till voting time.

Posted on 12-04-2019 18:21 | By Cynical Me

Well rattle through Martins inbox and find some suggestions. They are there or should be and look up the notes taken at the meeting in the Greerton RSA about the Greerton cockup. Oh nobody bothered to take any notes. First point that everyone made was MOVE the crossing back towards MacDonalds. Completely ignored and its no1 on the issue list. Who in hell ever thought putting islands in Chadwick Rd was a good idea? Who ever asked us Greerton Residents if we needed a constant steam of mostly empty buses running back and forth and round the roundabouts and side streets off Chadwick rd. The buses should never be there. They stuff the traffic up. The stop in front of the library won’t hold 2 buses without one being halfway out in the lane. Keep the buses to Cameron rd. and Fraser st. They walk among us.


Posted on 12-04-2019 16:45 | By davey rich

Why did they not hire competent engineers/planners in the first place? What’s another few million $ to these people. I despair the way this council is hamstringing this city that has such potential.

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