One deceased inside vehicle off Maungatapu Bridge

Police dive squad recover body and vehicle from water below Maungatapu Bridge. Video: Daniel Hines. Photos: Cameron Avery

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Police have confirmed that the driver of a vehicle has been found inside the vehicle that crashed off the side of Maungatapu Bridge, State Highway 29A near Tauranga on Saturday night.

A Sunlive reporter at the scene reports that the deceased has been recovered from the water. Police are now working on recovering the vehicle.

Police have confirmed that the road between Maungatapu and the Baypark roundabout will remain closed for a few more hours.

Diversions are in place and motorists are advised to avoid the area.

For Southbound Traffic: Remain on SH2, follow Takatimu Dr to Hewletts Rd. Northbound Traffic: Remain on SH2, Hewletts Rd to Takatimu Dr, Tamatea Arikinui Dr, Tauranga West Rd. Westbound Traffic: Remain on SH2, Hewletts Rd to Takatimu Dr through to SH29 Westbound.

Police closed the bridge on Saturday night April 27 after being alerted about 8pm that a railing along a section of the bridge was missing.

Police reviewed CCTV footage and confirmed that a vehicle collided with the bridge. The serious crash unit investigated the scene and the dive squad arrived on Sunday morning.

Police would still like to hear from anyone who has information about this collision and we urge them to contact Tauranga Police on (07) 577 4300.

SunLive will update this as more information is made available.

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Common sense

Posted on 28-04-2019 14:34 | By Captain safety

Im very sorry to this person and their family for their loss. This should be a four lane bridge for a start! The speed limit should be lowered and camera should have a clearer view of the bridge to catch drivers behaving like idiots, or if there is an accident. Police didn’t even know if someone had gone in for sure. Council probably won’t do anything, will take more people losing their life’s before they get of their behinds.

Urgent safety on Bridge

Posted on 28-04-2019 12:35 | By maddog

Call for the bridge to be closed and not reopen until urgent safety repairs or replacement of bridge

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