Car flips onto its roof in Te Puna

A car accident in Te Puna Rd. Photo: supplied

A vehicle has flipped onto its roof in Te Puna on Sunday afternoon.

A car travelling on Te Puna Rd has had an accident about 4.20pm on Sunday.

Members of the public have stopped to assist the driver and to help direct traffic.

Motorists are advised to take care if travelling in the area.

Police received a report at 4.20pm of the vehicle flipping near the intersection of Te Puna Road and Te Puna Station Road.

A Police spokesperson says that one person was reported to have received moderate injuries and they have been transported to hospital.

At the scene? Phone 0800 SUNLIVE or email

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Fix the bloody roads

Posted on 15-05-2019 14:33 | By Tom Ranger

I know of a person who travelled to TGA to get their licence because they said the tests in TGA were easier than Hamilton...They got here and had a rear light out. Didn’t get to sit the test. lol.

day dreams

Posted on 12-05-2019 20:47 | By Roddas

to many people out in there cars in dreamland , thinking their the only one out there.

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