BOP locals unite to oppose mega plants

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On Sunday, May 19 at 12pm a protest is to be held on Omanu Beach called 2400 bottles on the beach.

Over 1000 people have signed up to join it with numbers building daily including families, kids and college environment groups.

The number 2400 is the number of single use plastic bottles that just one of the plants will be capable of creating every minute, and the first consented plant (Otakiri) has been granted licence to operate 24 hours a day, 6 days a week. That is a total of just under half a billion bottles per year.

Times that by at least two more mega plants who are also sizing up the area and you have a tsunami of plastic.

Many residents of the Bay do not want to be famous for generating as much plastic water bottles as England currently consumes in a year.

On top of the plastic waste issue is the fact that the plants will generate an estimated 500 trucks per day heading to port on an already congested transport network.

People plan to gather at 12pm on the beach with used plastic bottles inscribed with a message. The balance of 2400 bottles will be brought on site from the local reuse centre.

Locals are outraged the consent for the Otakiri plant expansion has not been publicly notified and most of the community have been in the dark about the scale of the industry.

The protest is timed to take place one day before the appeal hearing against the Otakiri Plant, a hearing that has been crowd sourced by local community group, Sustainable Otakiri.

The community demands accountability for this type of decision making and are calling for urgent reform of our water resource laws to protect our precious resource and to ask Council and NZTE to take the full environmental costs in to the business case when deciding to grant permission for new industries to set up shop in our communities.

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Posted on 16-05-2019 10:58 | By morepork

The very fact that it has been kept quiet and not publicised so people can think about it and take a position on it, shows that the people behind it know it is just wrong. I can’t believe that any Kiwi Government can support this. A very small number of people will get rich at the cost of severe destruction to the land and they will do so by producing a product that is simply immoral in this day and age. Until a way to deal with the destruction of plastic bottles is available, there should be NO permits for production of such bottles. Glass may be less convenient but at least it is recyclable and it served very well for centuries before the invention of plastic. NZ should be standing up against this insanity, not promoting it.


Posted on 15-05-2019 22:25 | By Marcia

At last some have reported on the plastic mountain that we are creating and sending off overseas for disposal . I am surprised that Simon has not taken this up very strongly with gov . as it is in his backyard . Free !! water is bad enough but being known as a major plastic polluter is not really how the rest of us want NZ known for.

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