Lady Killers set to perform in Tauranga

Tina Cross, Suzanne Lynch and Jackie Clarke make up The Lady Killers. Image Supplied.

Three-piece trio The Lady Killers are set to perform in Tauranga later this month, which is a show you don’t want to miss.

The Lady Killers are made up of Jackie Clarke, Tina Cross and Suzanne Lynch, who will be making their way to the Holy Trinity Church in Tauranga for a charity concert of Waipuna Hospice.

The concert that will take place on May 24, and Jackie says they are bring a fabulous band with them.

“It’s just a concert of fabulous songs sung by fabulous women.

“We’ve got a new Beach Boys song we are going to unveil, we are doing a version of ‘God only knows’, which I think is the most beautiful love songs ever written and we have whipped up a new version of ‘Don’t dream it’s over’ by Crowed House, especially for the occasion.

“We are also going to have a go at ‘Bathe in the River’. We have just worked out an arrangement of that, which we are going to unveil,” says Jackie.

“We will also do our old classics, Bohemian Rhapsody will get a dust off.”

Jackie says as a group, they like supporting good causes like Waipuna Hospice.

“I think the relationship between music and getting through times that are emotionally difficult is a strong one.

“Music is often part of softening those big changes when you lose somebody or the way you remember somebody, and the way you commemorate somebody.

“It just feels nice to be able to sing in this situation for that cause and it’s a good way for everybody coming together.

“One of the best things about being a singer and a musician is that you can offer your services for things like that and create a platform for people to let some love out and express their appreciation for a really good cause, so it’s a no brainer really for us,” says Jackie.

She says she is looking forward to performing at the Holy Trinity Church as she hasn’t performed there in a while.

“This time we are bringing our full band, the last time we did a show in Tauranga it was at Mills Reef and we just had a little cut down acoustic show that we were doing, so it’s great to be able to bring the full noise and let everybody hear the full unleashed Lady Killers.”

The Lady Killers will be performing on Friday May 24 at the Holy Trinity Church.

Tickets are on sale for $65 per person, will all proceeds going directly towards raising essential funds for Waipuna Hospice. 

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