Cancian withdraws from mayoralty race

Danny Cancian. Photo: Matt Shand/Stuff.

Danny Cancian is pulling from the race to become Tauranga City Council Mayor.

The former director of the failed Belle Vista developments announced his initial intentions for run for city mayor back in May.

In a video posted to Facebook, Danny Cancian announced that he will be running for the position of Tauranga Mayor and/or elected member at large of Tauranga City.

“I am not going to pretend that I am someone I am not. I am not going to make promises pre-election that I do not stick to.”

However, this have changed since May and following legal advice, Danny has decided to pull from the mayoralty race.

Danny says he has several charges laid against him, which he labels “stupid … and a con job”.

He says the legal system is very slow and the charges will not be heard pre-election.

“I have decided the charges hanging over me and the time of an eight-week trial would encroach on my time serving as your mayor.

“I am immediately pulling out of the mayoral race, however, the great news for those who are disappointed to see me stand aside, is that, I am still standing for councillor at large.

“Let’s make Tauranga a better place.”



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My laugh for the day

Posted on 15-08-2019 21:31 | By nerak

as was Cancian thinking he had a snowball’s chance in hell standing in the first place!

Fault of the legal system....

Posted on 15-08-2019 08:54 | By The Sage

So Danny states his withdrawal from the Mayoral elections is because of silly charges and a con job. I would say that the time he spent in prison would well count him out for Mayor and the Council. Surely criminal convictions would exclude him from both of these positions.

Business Success

Posted on 15-08-2019 08:14 | By Local Too

I would rather have someone at the helm that didn’t have failed businesses behind them.

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