Drivers crashing in the wet around Tauranga

Every day it has rained in the last two weeks, there have been five to 10 crashes reported to police. Photo: Daniel Hines/SunLive.

Drivers are not driving to the conditions and are crashing on Tauranga roads, says police.

In the last two weeks, every time it has rained at least five to 10 crashes have been reported to Western Bay of Plenty Police.

Almost all of these crashes have been caused by drivers not driving to the conditions, says Acting Senior Sergeant Craig Rawlinson.

Western Bay of Plenty Police would like to remind motorists to drive to the conditions and stay safe on the road.

Police will be running a ‘Wet Roads’ operation for two weeks, starting this Wednesday.

Craig reminds drivers that they need to adjust and drive to the conditions when the road is wet, by increasing following distances (using the ‘four second rule’) and slowing down.

“Doing this allows for the road being more slippery when wet and will get you to where you are going safely.

“Drivers are also asked to check their vehicles, including tyre tread depth and condition.

“Worn and damaged tyres will significantly increase stopping distances.

“Also check and replace worn windscreen wipers, so you can see sufficiently ahead of you.”

During the operation Police will focus on the enforcement of following distances, speed, and vehicle condition, moving to multiple sites across Western Bay of Plenty.


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Posted on 20-08-2019 16:15 | By canyoubelieveit

people dont care about anybody else, they are more self important than thinking about who they are going to hurt....i am sick and tired of people still using their phones while driving, i would love to get their phones and smash them on the road....but i cant do that cos that "wouldnt be fair’.... tauranga drivers need to pull their heads in....people that speed down cameron road and only to be just in front of me kilometers further along amuses me. wet weather is a danger and if they dont know that then they shouldnt be driving.....

There needs...

Posted on 20-08-2019 13:01 | By morepork be more education and persuasion for safe driving in general, and awareness of conditions in particular. Like Dumkopf2, I too have witnessed some incredibly stupid behaviour in wet weather. These are people who are probably normal, intelligent, fathers, mothers, etc. who undergo a personality change when they get behind a wheel... We all need to raise our game.


Posted on 19-08-2019 20:10 | By dumbkof2

whats wrong with driving to the conditions. if its wet slow down. a couple of weeks ago i saw a driver plough through some flooding at around a 100 ks, even though there was a sign saying flooding

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