Mission St to be discussed at council meeting

The site at the centre of a lot of debate in Tauranga recently.

Tauranga City Council will be considering the proposal to gift 11 Mission St to the Otamataha Trust at a meeting on Tuesday afternoon.

The proposal to gift 11 Mission St to the trust is subject to a lease to the Elms Foundation.

The report DC185 – 11 Mission Street Deliberations is the first item on the agenda.  The report recommends that the Council either gift the land at 11 Mission St to the Otamataha Trust, subject to a lease in favour of the Elms Foundation; or gift the land to the Elms Foundation on similar terms to the Council’s previous gifts of land to the Foundation; or gift or lease the land to an entity which represents the interests of both the Elms Foundation and the Otamataha Trust; or proceed to sell the land to the Elms Foundation, Otamataha Trust or on the open market at market value determined by a registered market valuation; or retain the land in Council ownership, and grant a long-term lease to the Elms Foundation.

The Elms site is a historically and culturally significant site, which attracts local and national and international visitors, says a Tauranga Council communications spokesperson.

“The Elms Foundation are seeking certainty as to their future interest in the property to enable development which complements the existing facilities, but does not compromise their heritage status.

“The Otamataha Trust represent mana whenua, and facilitating their involvement in the future of the Property enables them to reconnect with the whenua –land - and promotes a sense of belonging and inclusion, whilst recognising Tauranga’s heritage and cultural diversity.”

The council received a proposal from the Otamataha Trust requesting council owned land at 11 Mission Street be gifted to the Trust, subject to a lease in favour of the Elms Foundation. Council considered the proposal on December 18 2018 and agreed, in principle, to gift the property to the Trust subject to a lease to the Foundation.

“The council delegated authority to the Chief Executive to negotiate the terms of the relevant documentation, such terms to be reported back to the council. Council further requested that the community be consulted on the matter with feedback also to be reported back.

“During the consultation period which ran from June 10 to July 8 2019, the council received 791 submissions. Council then heard oral submissions from 36 submitters on August 1 2019.”

There is reference in the report to a review undertaken by Dr Vincent O’Malley, a historian, who has considered various historical references made through the submission process. This will be available on Council’s website by Tuesday morning, before the meeting.

The DC185 – 11 Mission Street Deliberations report can be read on page 46 of the Agenda.

The Council meeting commences at 1pm on Tuesday September 10, and will be held in the Council Chambers, 91 Willow St, Tauranga.

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