Lots of hate around the Tauranga elections

Locals around the community have very strong opinions about this year’s local body elections.

Throughout New Zealand, local body elections for 2019 are currently taking place.

In Tauranga, many people are taking to community pages on Facebook to discuss and debate their thoughts and opinions about the candidates running in the hope to make it on to council.

But within those debates and discussions there is also a lot of hate. Hate towards different candidates but also towards other members in the community.

The comment sections on Facebook posts are full of different opinions and views and often screenshots of what hopeful candidates have said in the past. But is the hate and nasty comment necessary?

Councillor Leanne Brown announced recently one of the reasons why she wasn’t standing during this election was partly because of the hate and abusive she has received.

Only just last weekend was Councillor Steve Morris’ car damaged.

Candidates campaign signs are also getting vandalised, with knifes being found in some and faces being completely cut out.

Tauranga City Council’s deputy electoral officer Robyn Garrett says ‘to ensure that the elections is conducted fairly, our policy is to remain completely neutral and to let democracy take its course’.

“This means that we do not support or oppose any candidates, and nor do we comment on the way they are conducting their campaigns.

“It is up to the people of Tauranga to decide who they want to represent their views on council. If people have strong views about any particular candidates, we urge them to vote accordingly.”

A police spokesperson says, in New Zealand, what is commonly referred to as a hate crime is an offence that has been reported to, or found by police, that is motivated by hostility, by one person or group targeting another person or group on the basis of a common characteristic i.e. their race, colour, nationality, religion, gender, identity, sexual orientation, age, or disability; and

  •   •  The hostility is because of the common characteristic; and

  •   •  The offender believed that the victim has that characteristic.

“The hostility is called an aggravating factor and under Section 9 (1) (h) of the Sentencing Act 2002, the court must take the aggravating factor into account when considering sentencing. Police must also take this aggravating factor into consideration when investigating and determining the appropriate course of action.

“Because Hate Crime is not an offence in and of itself, it is therefore not recorded as a specific offence type by police. However where staff believe a crime is motivated by hatred, they have the ability to note this.

“Police takes hate crime seriously. We want to encourage all members of our communities to be alert to, and report, all instances of hate crime to police.”

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Sorry but in this

Posted on 05-10-2019 22:30 | By The Caveman

Electronic age the street hoardings should be banned. Don’t all of the government departments, councils etc, etc, want the great unwashed to talk to them with a computer / smartphone !!! NOTE you cannot pay your tax bill (or ACC) by cheque after 1 March next year !!! Apparently EVERYBODY is now expected to have a computer / smartphone - INCLUDING our 80 years plus elderly !! YEAH RIGHT - but get rid of the election street hoardings - that are a distraction to drivers !!

for goodness sake

Posted on 04-10-2019 09:03 | By Mein Fuhrer

hate crime? how ridiculous, but thats typical PC culture, calling anything that goes against their deluded social standards is "hate". Anyway those signs shouldn’t be polluting our scenery and distracting drivers from concentrating on the road.

It’s a crime

Posted on 04-10-2019 06:17 | By Slim Shady

Putting signs up adorned with meaningless bull**** slogans should be a crime. Who are they trying to kid?


Posted on 03-10-2019 19:13 | By Honesty is the best Policy

Thats the way get rid of those bloody pick me pick me signs to many of them

Hate Crime?

Posted on 03-10-2019 18:56 | By Hugh Janis

A hate crime?! Settle down, please! This is teenagers doing what teenagers do best. Having fun at someone elses expense.

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