Climate change

What started out as ‘global warming’ somehow evolved to climate change. Interesting indeed. But not surprising, because everybody knows that the climate has been changing for millennia. What truly is surprising is the number of decisions being made by supposedly intelligent adults today in spite of all the existential threats that we keep getting bombarded with.

The sea is rising so fast that vast amounts of money are being spent by governments to fight this ‘imminent natural disaster’. But wait! People like the Obamas pay US$15 million for a water-front property and Al Gore paid US$8.8m for a sea-front property in California. Both are climate change activists. I have not seen any suggestion that sea-side properties are decreasing in value these days, have you? Now in today’s local rag I see that vast amounts of money are going to be spent on upgrading the Omokoroa esplanade and domain ‘for future use’.

Please use your common sense and ask yourself, ‘If what the alarmists are telling us is reliable and scientifically factual, then why are things not vastly different than what they are at present. It is simply a con the left uses to gain more power.

Colin Stitt, Katikati

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Posted on 18-10-2019 09:45 | By KiwiDerek

It has now been well documented that the reason the term has switched from "global warming" to "climate change" was after a huge and expensive effort by oil companies and others to rename it to make it seem less alarming, and to allow people to more easily use the ingenuous argument that "the climate is always changing"

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