Traffic building as petrol price drops

Gull in Te Puke. Image: Daniel Hines/SunLive.

Traffic in Mount Maunganui is building, causing congestion in some areas, motorists are reporting.

A caller to the 0800 SUNLIVE news hotline says he has just driven over the Tauranga Harbour Bridge and traffic is nuts.

“I think it is because Gull have dropped their fuel prices by 21 cents a litre today.

“It’s at a$1.86 or something. The forecourt at Gull on Hewletts Road is full and is spilling into the bus lane.”

On its website, Gull says today’s discount day is to mark the fuel company’s 21st birthday.

“From 7am Thursday, October 24, until 12pm midday Friday, October 25, we’re dropping pump prices at all Gull sites by a whopping 21 cents per litre of fuel.

“No flashy loyalty cards. No minimum spend. Happy birthday to Gull.”



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Auckland Prices

Posted on 24-10-2019 20:27 | By BryanBOP

I travel to Auckland regularly and prices are much higher than Tauranga, usually around 20 cents more.

Thanks Gull

Posted on 24-10-2019 17:19 | By kiwigirl41

Even though the queues were long it was worth the wait...much appreciated for the upcoming long weekend


Posted on 24-10-2019 12:17 | By Yadick

Firstly Happy birthday and thank you Gull. Up in Auckland last week I was surprised to see the fuel price basically the same as ours. Auckland has a 10c per litre surcharge. Surely this should make them more expensive but no. For the majority of the stations they’re on pah with our fuel pump price. How I see it is that we’re getting fleeced big time at the pump especially by Z fuel stations who say they’re the peoples station, they’re here for NZ. Quit making us support charities (charities that we don’t necessarily agree with supporting) and bring our fuel prices down. Full certainly wouldn’t be running at a loss for 2 days. Full and Mobil Chapel Street are at least trying to help us but Z - absolutely ripping us off.

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