Climate change gets research boost

Research, Science and Innovation Minister Megan Woods.

Should we plan for drought or deluge and how is CO2 released from the ocean’s floor? Several climate change projects were given a boost in the latest Marsden Fund investment of $83.6 million, Research, Science and Innovation Minister Megan Woods says.

“Climate change is long-term challenge that requires out-of-the-box thinking and that’s why the government has made more progress in two years than the last government did in nine.

“Science and research have been critical in the progression of our Zero Carbon Bill that returns to parliament today, as well as giving New Zealanders more choice on electric cars, and drives our work alongside businesses to reduce emissions.

“We welcome today’s investment that tackles head-on both climate change and our goal of running the country exclusively on renewable electricity by 2050.”

The Marsden Fund has invested in projects including:

How CO2 released from the ocean floor.

How rainfall patterns changed in the Pacific during the Glacial Period.

Whether airborne microplastics play a role in climate change.

Three programmes of work to increase solar panel technologies.

“Supporting New Zealand’s top researchers to find new and innovative solutions to tough problems is key to creating a strong future for New Zealand.

“The knowledge and solutions that will be created because of this research will put us in good stead towards creating a productive, sustainable and inclusive New Zealand. I congratulate all of the recipients announced today,” says Megan.

The Marsden Fund Te Pūtea Rangahau a Marsden is New Zealand’s most prestigious fund that supports excellent research across science, mathematics, engineering, social science and the humanities. A total of 125 new projects were awarded this year.

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Hey Walbuck

Posted on 06-11-2019 14:20 | By Yadick

Well said.

Fund Allocation

Posted on 05-11-2019 19:44 | By Walbuck

Not enough money for life saving surgeries or cancer drugs But enough for 83.6 MILLION for wasteful research - which won’t solve even a fraction of the issue with our minimal population Still Greta would be proud - so guess that’s reason enough ??? Bring on 2020 election - this current coalition is destroying our country

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